Pet Accidents and Any/All Odors

Did you know that STAIN SOLVER gets rid of any pet accident stains AND odors? Not only pet odors, but any odor!
Finn the cat
That’s Finn the cat. He has issues making it to the litter box sometimes. Accidents happen and STAIN SOLVER is ready to clean up after Finn boy at the Carter house!

STAIN SOLVER takes care of any stains on any surface or fabric.

How Does STAIN SOLVER De-odorize?

When you mix STAIN SOLVER with hot or warm water, you create countless active oxygen ions moving around in the solution.

Think of these as microscopic cruise missiles. These oxygen ions crash into the odor molecules and split them apart.

When this happens, it’s no longer an odor molecule and the ODOR disappears!

It doesn’t matter what the odor is. It could be:

  • skunk spray
  • wet pet fur odor
  • male cat spray
  • mildew odor
  • urine odor on any fabric
  • stinky sneakers or shoes
  • stinky gym bag
  • motor oil odor
  • gasoline odor
  • etc.

To de-odorize anything, just mix 1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER with one quart of HOT or WARM water. Stir until dissolved. Soak or saturate the stinky item for up to six hours for best results.

What Do You Want to Clean or De-Odorize?

Reply to this email with your tough cleaning or de-odorizing question. We bet STAIN SOLVER can do the job. Just ask us!

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Tim & Kathy Carter

P.S. Watch all the videos on this page to get a feel of how to use STAIN SOLVER!