Stain Solver and Your Composite Deck

Two days ago Michelle asked us, “Is it safe to use STAIN SOLVER on my Trex composite deck?”

Here’s a Trex Transcend composite deck similar to what Michelle was talking about:
deck overlooking a lake
The answer is YES! It’s SAFE to use STAIN SOLVER on ANY composite or wood deck other than redwood.

What is a Composite Deck?

Composite decks are made by combining different plastics with wood fibers. There are many different types. The technology was introduced decades ago and we’re now seeing the third generation of these products.

Do Composite Decks Require Maintenance?

Yes, you need to wash them as you’d wash anything that gets dirty outdoors. STAIN SOLVER is a great product to use to remove:

  • algae
  • mildew
  • mold
  • BBQ grease stains
  • diesel-soot stains
  • animal droppings
  • atmospheric dirt
  • comet or star dust (very rare and hard to see)

Do you Have to Stain or Paint Composite Decking?

NO! You bought a composite deck to get off this wretched maintenance merry-go-round. You just have to wash your composite deck once or twice a year.

What questions do you have about using STAIN SOLVER? Just reply to this email and we’ll help you.

FAVOR: Please remember to take great Before and After photos of any grungy thing you clean using STAIN SOLVER. Why? After you send us these photos, they’ll help convince others that STAIN SOLVER is really a remarkable product. Thanks!

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Tim & Kathy Carter