How to Clean a Coffee Carafe

How to Clean a Coffee Carafe – No Scrubbing! Lorene listened to an Ask the Builder LIVE video stream and discovered how easy it was to clean a coffee carafe. Here’s what she sent us: “My coffee carafe really holds stains. Today I washed it with Dawn and took this picture: The deep coffee stains Read More »

How to Clean Lampshade

STAIN SOLVER is an excellent cleaner for any lampshade because it’s both fabric and color-safe. How to Clean Lampshade Step 1: Mix one quart of HOT water with  1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER – stir until completely dissolved Step 2: Remove lampshade and place on an old clean towel. Add solution to a spray bottle and Read More »

What is Oxygen Bleach

What is Oxygen Bleach? – It’s Fabric and Color-Safe for Starters Oxygen bleach is a powder you mix with water. The best one you can get is just a blend of dried hydrogen peroxide and soda ash and it contains no perfumes, no magic crystals, nothing but pure certified-organic ingredients. How is Oxygen Bleach Different Read More »