How Long Does Stain Solver Last

Stain Solver, once mixed with water, lasts only six hours.

This means you can’t mix some up and save it for when you need it days later.

Remember, always mix Stain Solver with HOT or WARM water and stir until ALL of the powder dissolves.

President’s Day Stain Solver Sale

I shared the following in my Ask the Builder newsletter on Sunday. I thought you might chuckle too:

George Washington and Abe Lincoln!

Here’s another photo to gaze at:

clean burnt metal pot

This is a metal pot. The black stain is from milk. How’s that possible?

Easy – turn on the burner to heat it up, walk away and get distracted. You can also melt plastic birds on tea pots the same way.

CLICK OR TAP HERE to see the metal pot after it soaked in Stain Solver.

What does this have to do with George and Abe?

Both former presidents drank lots of milk, and Abe had a glass of chocolate milk each night with two pecan cookies. Don’t believe the unfounded and ugly rumors about him and Disaronno. Not for a second.

What’s more, how do you think George got his muslin frock clean after splattering it with cherry juice when he cut down his Dad’s favorite tree?

He used STAIN SOLVER of course! He also used Stain Solver to get the mud stains off his pants after crossing the Delaware River. The infantry of the Continental Army using Stain Solver to clean their uniforms in hot water pots hanging over campfires is a story oft told at West Point.

Abe wore white shirts when he did his legal work for the Rock Island Railroad. He routinely got black ink on his sleeves because he hated wearing sleeve socks. Abe’s wife Mary loved to use Stain Solver to keep her man’s work shirts looking like new!

Thomas Jefferson told his admirals to use STAIN SOLVER to get algae off Old Ironsides before they finally switched to copper plates. He wanted the ship to look its best before he dispatched it to kick the Barbary Pirates’ butts. But I digress.

Wait, wait … I worry you think I’m being mendacious. Tsk tsk.

Let’s celebrate Presidents Day with the new the PRESIDENTS WOULD HAVE LOVED STAIN SOLVER SALE!

Stain Solver is a multi-purpose certified organic cleaner. CLICK OR TAP HERE to see my all-time FAVORITE before/after photos sent in by a customer.

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Is Stain Solver Safe

Stain Solver Safety – Stain Solver is a Safe Oxygen Bleach

Ron reached out to us and asked a very valid question:

“I can likely use some Stain Solver, but I’m terrified about products like this.  I bought and then disposed of CLR because I kept thinking of how dangerous it must be.  Stain Solver, as a bleach, seems equally scary and dangerous.  I don’t recall you ever discussing the safety aspects of the product.”

It’s important to realize Stain Solver is a chemical. Fortunately, Stain Solver is a very safe chemical.

For all intents and purposes, Stain Solver is a dried form of hydrogen peroxide, not too much different than the product you buy at the grocery to clean wounds.

When you mix the pure certified organic Stain Solver powder with clear clean water you get three things in the magic chemical solution:

  • more water
  • pure oxygen micro bubbles
  • natural soda ash

That’s why Stain Solver is so safe! The pure oxygen ions are the active part of the clear liquid solution and they’re what does all the work to clean, to deodorize, and to restore and renew hundreds of things in and outside your home.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch several videos showing you how to use Stain Solver to clean things.

How do Stain Solver and Chlorine Bleach Compare?

Chlorine bleach is a very powerful and dangerous chemical. You must treat it with the utmost respect.

Mixed with other common chemicals around the home, and you can create toxic deadly chlorine gas. People do die each year poisoned by chlorine gas.

Chlorine bleach is such a strong oxidizer that it destroys the bonds that hold fabric threads together. This is why your clothes shred and tear apart easily after you wash them in chlorine bleach a number of times.

Chlorine bleach is so powerful it breaks down the molecules of synthetic dye. This is why when you wash your clothes or get a drop of pure chlorine on anything, the color either fades or disappears entirely.

Chloren bleach is TOXIC to outdoor vegetation and plants. A past neighbor of mine killed a giant maple tree using chlorine bleach to clean her patio stones.

Stain Solver doesn’t create toxic gas. Stain Solver is fabric and color safe. Stain Solver is not toxic to plants.

Stain Solver Winter Sale

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Tim & Kathy Carter

How to Clean Garage Laundry Sink

laundry sink dirty
This is the before photo Jim sent. It’s pretty gross, right? Look below!

Jim Roberts sent the photos you’re looking at along with this note:

“After a summer and fall of putting up with a nasty garage sink, I threw a cup of Stain Solver into the sink, filled it up with about 2 inches with hot water, and let it sit overnight.

When I saw how clean it was the next morning, I knew I had to finish the job right. Stain Solver works!!!

laundry sink clean
Here’s what Jim’s sink looks like now. It could pass for brand new, wouldn’t you say?

CLICK or TAP HERE to order Stain Solver now!

stain solver

How To Clean Indian Food Stains

how to clean indian food stains
How to Clean Indian Food Stains | YUCK! Don’t freak out. Stain Solver will come to your rescue

How to Clean Indian Food Stains – Use Stain Solver!

Brett sent me this note and the photos:

“You made my wife a believer in Stain Solver. She had ordered Some Indian takeout that ended up on her white jeans!

She was out of town so she just rinsed off as mush as she could at the hotel. When she got back home she laundered the jeans with bleach. Well, I guess bleach and curry don’t mix. It turned the once yellow stain to a red stain.

I grabbed a bucket, filled it with a gallon of water and added 4 scoops of Stain Solver. Let it soak for 6 hours. Rinsed and repeated, but let it sit overnight. The next morning the stain was gone!! Amazing stuff.”

This is the nightmare after trying to use HARSH chlorine bleach. NEVER use chlorine bleach on clothes. It destroys the fabric!
how to clean indian food stains
The jeans look BRAND NEW after soaking in Stain Solver for just six hours. Stain Solver is Certified Organic and both fabric and color-safe!

Clean Colored Fabric

quilt stains
Clean Colored Fabric | You can see the ugly yellow stain at the corner of the cotton quilt. The after photo is below. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver

Clean Colored Fabric – Stain Solver is Color-Safe!

Stain Solver safely cleans:

  • colored cotton fabric
  • colored polyester fabric
  • wool colored with synthetic dye
  • silk colored with synthetic dye

Cleaning Instructions:

It’s best to soak any fabric to get it clean. Most washing machines have a soak cycle. Soak for up to three hours, then spin the dial and wash normally.

If the fabric is upholstery, watch this video to see how I’d clean it if you invited me over to your home:

Clean Quilt Photo:

quilt stains
Look at the difference! It’s pure white and the colors in the quilt are brilliant. Copyright 2017 Stain Solver