September 19, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Do you still work in or for a business? Did you used to and are now retired?


I’m trying to sell more STAIN SOLVER to businesses.

I currently sell to quite a few varied ones, but I want to grow this part of the business.

Would you look at this new page on the STAIN SOLVER website and then would you do me a HUGE FAVOR and answer a few questions to HELP me?

CLICK or TAP HERE to answer a few easy questions that will help me get STAIN SOLVER in the hands of more businesses like yours or the one you work in.

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Tim Carter

Business Uses of STAIN SOLVER

Business Uses of STAIN SOLVER

The following table is a comprehensive list of many businesses that can use certified organic STAIN SOLVER. Scan the list and while you may not see your exact business type, you’ll most likely see a similar one.

Your business can use STAIN SOLVER to clean any surface you can get wet with water.

STAIN SOLVER is certified organic, it’s also color & fabric-safe.

The second column lists how the business might use it each day.

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Clean Furniture Slipcovers

clean furniture slipcovers
Clean Furniture Slipcovers | You can see the yellowed dirty slipcover on the left and the brilliant white one on the right. Soaking for an hour or two in STAIN SOLVER made it look like new.

Clean Furniture Slipcovers – Just Soak in STAIN SOLVER Then Wash

Barry wanted to clean furniture slipcovers at his house. They were soiled and yellowed as you can see above.

He had a front-loading high-efficiency washing machine. Here’s how he got the dramatic results you see above:

  1. Add 1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER to the empty washing machine
  2. Place slipcovers into the machine and close the door
  3. Set water temperature to hot and choose the SOAK cycle if the machine has one
  4. If no SOAK cycle, start the wash cycle and after slipcovers are saturated with wash water, PAUSE the cycle for two hours
  5. After two hours, resume the wash cycle

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Do All Washing Machines Have a Soak Cycle?

No, it’s a shame this handy setting has been removed from many machines.

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wash slipcovers
clean slipcovers
stained slipcovers
clean slipcover


OxiClean® vs STAIN SOLVER – Night vs Day

You may wonder what the difference is between OxiClean® and STAIN SOLVER. Here’s a shortlist:

  • STAIN SOLVER is Certified Organic. We can’t find any proof or claim that OxiClean® is.
  • STAIN SOLVER‘s pure ingredients are all made in the USA. We believe OxiClean®’s come from Asia as they won’t tell us when asked.
  • STAIN SOLVER has far more active ingredient than OxiClean® based upon a visual inspection of the two products.
  • STAIN SOLVER is a small family-owned business whereas OxiClean® is a brand owned by a mega-corporation.

How Much STAIN SOLVER do I use instead of OxiClean®?

Use only 1/3 of the amount of STAIN SOLVER as you’d use OxiClean®. Yes, STAIN SOLVER is that powerful.

How Much Does STAIN SOLVER cost per pound vs OxiClean®?

The last time we checked, OxiClean® cost $3 per pound on You can purchase STAIN SOLVER for just $3.46 a pound if you purchase our largest size and split it among friends or neighbors. STAIN SOLVER is simply a better value when you make this comparison.

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August 26, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Clean Zebra Gutter Stripes


Dehumidifier Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

Did you know you can use STAIN SOLVER to clean the ugly black zebra stripes from gutters? I’m talking about any gutter that has this profile or shape:
clean aluminum gutters

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how EASY it is to clean the face of gutters.

Do you know what causes the BLACK ZEBRA STRIPES?

I do! You’ll be SHOCKED when you discover the answer. CLICK or TAP HERE.

De-Activate Dehumidifier Bacteria and VIRUSES

Your dehumidifier is a BREEDING ground for things that can make you VERY SICK.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how to purify your dehumidifier.


Tim Carter
Co-Founder –

How to Clean Aluminum Gutters

aluminum gutter how to clean

How to Clean Aluminum Gutters – Spray, Wipe & Rinse with STAIN SOLVER

It’s easy to remove the ugly black zebra stripes from aluminum gutters or ANY other gutters. These dark stains are caused by diesel-exhaust soot from trucks in your city. Some gutter stains are caused by organic debris falling on your roof.


  1. Mix one cup (8 oz) of STAIN SOLVER with one gallon of HOT WATER
  2. Stir until dissolved – at least one minute – powder must be fully dissolved
  3. Pour the solution into a hand-pump garden sprayer
  4. Spray gutters working in the shade
  5. Keep gutters wet with the solution for at least 15 minutes – respray as necessary
  6. Wipe with a soapy sponge and rinse with clear water

It’s that easy.


How Do I Keep the Gutters Wet With the STAIN SOLVER?

You need to re-spritz the gutters every five minutes or so. This is easy with a sprayer. Don’t allow the solution to evaporate.

Will the STAIN SOLVER Harm Expensive Landscaping Below the Gutters?

STAIN SOLVER is SAFE to use around all vegetation and expensive landscaping. Chlorine bleach is TOXIC to all vegetation. DO NOT USE chlorine bleach to clean your gutters.

Can I Put the STAIN SOLVER solution in a Pressure Washer?

NO. Do not put the STAIN SOLVER solution in a pressure washer soap tank. The water from the hose will DILUTE the STAIN SOLVER solution and you’ll get inferior results.


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clean painted gutters
clean galvanized gutters
clean gutter
dark stripes gutter
black stains gutter

How to Clean a Dehumidifier Reservoir

This is a dehumidifier. It has a water-collection pan you MUST CLEAN or you can GET SICK.

How to Clean a Dehumidifier Reservoir – Fill with Hot Water and Add STAIN SOLVER

It’s easy to clean and purify a dehumidifier reservoir. As you know, they can get coated with bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses.


  1. Fill the reservoir with HOT WATER
  2. Pour one cup (8 oz) of STAIN SOLVER into the reservoir
  3. Wait four hours, rub the sides of the reservoir with a sponge and rinse

It’s that’ easy.


How Do I Remove Hard Water Stains?

Once you’ve cleaned the dehumidifier with STAIN SOLVER, you may see crusty hard-water stains. Saturate a clean paper towel with white vinegar and press it onto the hard-water stains. Allow this to work for four hours.

At the end of the waiting period, remove the paper towel and use a Dobie pad to rub the hard-water stains. If they’re still there but diminished, repeat the white vinegar treatment until they disappear.


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wash dehumidifier
purify dehumidifier
sanitize dehumidifier
remove mold dehumidifier

How to Clean Vertical Surfaces

soap scum glass shower
You can clean VERTICAL surfaces ANYWHERE inside or outside your home using STAIN SOLVER. Use STAIN SOLVER to DISSOLVE the SOAP SCUM.

How to Clean Vertical Surfaces – Frequent Spraying & Paper Towels

Vertical surfaces offer up a unique challenge with STAIN SOLVER.

When you mix STAIN SOLVER. with water, the consistency is just like water.

Water runs off almost all vertical surfaces.

How Do You Get Vertical Surfaces Clean?

It’s important to realize that STAIN SOLVER needs to be in CONTACT with the surface being cleaned for at least 15 minutes, and sometimes up to 30 minutes to get the BEST RESULTS. This means you need to keep the vertical surface WET WITH THE SOLUTION for the entire wait, or dwell, time.

I have had great luck simply spritzing vertical surfaces with STAIN SOLVER.  I put the STAIN SOLVER solution in a spray bottle.

I’ve also place clean paper towels on a vertical surface and saturated them with STAIN SOLVER. The paper towers readily stick to smooth vertical surfaces like glass and tile.

The key is to just keep the surface WET with the STAIN SOLVER. solution.


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outside a home
house siding
clean walls
clean glass
clean siding

How to Clean a Bathtub

clean dirty tub
Clean a Bathtub | STAIN SOLVER can clean this tub almost on its own! Look at the AFTER photo below!

How to Clean a Bathtub – Fill with Hot Water, Add STAIN SOLVER & Magic

Debbie shared how STAIN SOLVER cleaned an expensive cast iron bathtub that her builder had ruined during construction. 

She tried for eight years to clean it with no luck. Well, not until she finally decided to use STAIN SOLVER! Read her full story below.


  1. Fill the bathtub with just enough HOT WATER to cover the dirty areas
  2. Add in two cups of STAIN SOLVER and stir with a wood kitchen spoon
  3. Allow the STAIN SOLVER to work on the dirt for an hour
  4. After soaking, scrub lightly, drain the water, and rinse


Here’s Debbie’s actual story:

STAIN SOLVER helped me get the dirt off my tub which the contractors tracked into it when they abused and misused the tub while building our house 8 years ago!! I hadn’t been able to get it clean until I thought about STAIN SOLVER and tried it.  What an awesome job it did!!!

I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter and a user of STAIN SOLVER for a few years. I’m going to try STAIN SOLVER on my front porch cedar railing which has gotten gray over the past 8 years and then seal/stain it. Thanks, Tim!! “

clean bathtub Stain Solver
Can you believe the difference? Eight YEARS of dirt GONE!



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