Best Boat Teak Cleaner

Best Boat Teak Cleaner

Stain Solver is the best boat teak cleaner according to Paul Roberston who owns Afton Boat Storage in St. Croix, Minnesota.

Here’s what Paul shared with me over the phone:

“STAIN SOLVER is the best boat teak cleaner I’ve ever used in the 30 years I’ve been storing, restoring, and repairing boats. My customers have prized watercraft and they want them to look like new each season.

STAIN SOLVER makes the teak look new. It doesn’t remove any of the natural color from the teak. The best part is it doesn’t harm the fiberglass hulls. It’s a great overall cleaner to restore the fiberglass, any boat cushions, and even sails. It’s a marvelous cleaner for larges sails that get dirty and grungy.

All boat restoration companies should have a five-gallon pail of STAIN SOLVER!”

I don’t know that I could have said it any better. Thanks, Paul! Here’s Paul’s business:

afton boat storage

Dwell Time – More Means Less

Stain Solver Pro Tip #3

We wanted to share another tip that bubbled to the surface from last-week’s survey.

You may be one that shared having a bit of trouble getting great results with STAIN SOLVER.

It’s All About Dwell Time

Dwell Time – that’s a fancy phrase for the amount of time you soak an item or keeping the surface you want to clean WET with the STAIN SOLVER solution.

The longer you allow the solution to DWELL and work on its own, the LESS work you have to do.

This dwell time can be up to six hours!


1. Always apply the STAIN SOLVER solution to a dry surface. If the surface is WET, the solution can’t soak into the pores to do deep cleaning.

2. Make sure the STAIN SOLVER solution doesn’t evaporate. Work in the shade if outdoors.

What questions do you have? Allow us to answer them!

Tim and Kathy Carter
Founders –

Pet Accidents

cat on steps

Pet Accidents – STAIN SOLVER Cleans Them All

STAIN SOLVER is the perfect thing to clean:

  • pet vomit
  • pet feces
  • pet urine
  • pet odors
  • pet throwup
  • pet blood

No matter what the pet stain is, STAIN SOLVER will remove it from carpet, bedding, upholstery, couches, chairs, clothes, etc.

How Do I Clean Pet Accidents?

Remove as much slop, chunks of food, feces, etc. as possible from the stained area.

Mix 1/4 cup ( 2 volume ounces) of STAIN SOLVER with one quart of HOT water. Stir until dissolved.

Saturate the stained area with the solution. Allow the solution to work for 30 minutes. Blot with clean rags, rinse and blot again.

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Stain Solver Survey Feedback Part One

A few days ago, you may have participated in an eye-opening experience for us. You filled out the survey about packaging options we’re considering. We’ll be addressing the results as soon as we get all of them in.

We were STUNNED by the survey results. They were not what we expected. But even more so, you may have shared other things with us that are just as important.

You spoke and we’re listening. This email is part one of a series we’re going to send out to address your feedback. Your comments were more valuable than gold itself.

Why is STAIN SOLVER So Expensive?

Here are a few representative comments we received about the cost of STAIN SOLVER:

“Reduce the price.”
“Needs to be less expensive.”

I think you get the picture. We want to address the cost issue because we feel you may not be aware of all that’s in play.

1. Stain Solver is the most expensive oxygen bleach you can buy because we put the most amount of expensive active ingredient in it than our competitors. This means you need to use more of the also-ran products to get the same result you get with a smaller amount of STAIN SOLVER. You may think you’re saving money with a competitive product, but you could be spending more. You may be using TOO MUCH STAIN SOLVER to clean things. Start trying to experiment and use less and less to see if you get the desired result. STAIN SOLVER is ultra-concentrated.

2. The costs of manufacturing STAIN SOLVER, packaging it, and shipping it are going up each quarter. You’d be stunned by what we have to pay to ship the product to you. Our simple sample size, the 0.4-pounder, costs over $4 to ship and the price you pay for that product including shipping is just $11.95. Think of that. Over 33% of the cost is in shipping! And we’re getting the discounted commercial rate from the US Post Office. Shipping it by UPS or FedEx would cost a minimum of $8.00.

3. STAIN SOLVER gets cheaper the more you buy. If price is an issue for you, you might consider getting a larger size and freezing what you don’t need right away. When kept cold or even frozen, STAIN SOLVER can last indefinitely.

When you buy our 2.2-pound size, you pay $13.35 per pound. When you buy a 9.2-pound size, your cost per pound drops to $8.44. Purchase the 5-gallon container, and the price drops to just $3.46 per pound. WOWZA!

For years, we’ve absorbed many of the price increases of the containers, the double-corrugated shipping boxes, the manufacturing, etc. Shipping costs are going through the roof. Each time gasoline goes up at the pump for you, we get hit with a fuel surcharge by UPS or FedEx.

We’re doing everything possible to reduce costs to you, but it gets harder and harder each week.

Consider spreading the word to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc. and buy the 45-pound size. Split it up and you’ll be getting STAIN SOLVER for a price per pound almost as low as the poor-quality competitive products we have to fight against each day.

The next message you’ll get in a few days will deal with getting STAIN SOLVER to dissolve fast and with little effort. We’re going to remind you of your high school chemistry class and when you last had a glass of iced tea.

Thanks for your trust, your business, and your understanding of the challenges we face making sure STAIN SOLVER is available to you.

Tim and Kathy Carter

April 3, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

Get Out Your Magic Wand – Big Survey!

Holy Moly! It’s been months and months since we’ve reached out.

We apologize and hope all is well in your world.

We’ve been working hard during the past six months. There’s still much to do.


You can help us create the latest and greatest innovation in STAIN SOLVER in the past 25 years!

Please take this short survey. Your input is so valuable!

CLICK or TAP HERE and share your opinions and ideas.

It’s time to dust off that magic wand of yours!


Tim and Kathy Carter
Co-Founders –

P.S. STAIN SOLVER is the best thing to clean magic wands, in case you didn’t know it.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

hardwood flooring floor

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

STAIN SOLVER is a great cleaner for hardwood floors. It removes:

  • food stains
  • oil
  • grease
  • pet accidents
  • any normal thing you might spill or drop on a hardwood floor

How Do I Clean the Hardwood?

Step One: Mix one cup of STAIN SOLVER with 32 ounces (1 quart) of hot tap water. Stir for 90 seconds until all the powder is dissolved.

Step Two: Apply the STAIN SOLVER solution with a sponge mop. Do NOT flood the hardwood floor. You want a thin coating of the solution on the hardwood.

Step Three: Allow the solution to work for five minutes then re-coat the floor again with more solution rubbing as you use the sponge mop. Wait five more minutes, rinse the floor changing the rinse water frequently. Use an old towel to buff the floor.

When the floor dries, you may see a bit of white dust. This is just the soda ash in the STAIN SOLVER and it tells you that you didn’t change the rinse water as often as you should have. Just brush it away or rinse the floor again.

How Much

How Much

You may want to know how much Stain Solver to buy.

2.2 pounds is enough to make 5 GALLONS of solution. The solution has the consistency of water once mixed.

How Do I Determine How Far 5 Gallons Goes?

Put ONE gallon of water in a hand-pump garden sprayer. Apply it to WHATEVER surface you’re going to clean exactly as you see me do in the following video. Once you use up the gallon, measure the square footage of the area that’s now wet. Don’t you wish you had paid closer attention in math class in grade school? 🙂

Once Mixed How Long Does It Last

Once Mixed How Long Does Stain Solver Last?

Stain Solver only lasts six hours once you mix the powder with water.

The instant you get the powder wet with water and it dissolves, a safe chemical reaction starts that releases countless tiny oxygen bubbles into the solution.

These bubbles are super-tough stain fighters and can actually scrub on their own.

BOTTOM LINE: Only mix as much Stain Solver as you plan to use in six hours.

September 19, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Do you still work in or for a business? Did you used to and are now retired?


I’m trying to sell more STAIN SOLVER to businesses.

I currently sell to quite a few varied ones, but I want to grow this part of the business.

Would you look at this new page on the STAIN SOLVER website and then would you do me a HUGE FAVOR and answer a few questions to HELP me?

CLICK or TAP HERE to answer a few easy questions that will help me get STAIN SOLVER in the hands of more businesses like yours or the one you work in.

Thanks so much!

Tim Carter

Business Uses of STAIN SOLVER

Business Uses of STAIN SOLVER

The following table is a comprehensive list of many businesses that can use certified organic STAIN SOLVER. Scan the list and while you may not see your exact business type, you’ll most likely see a similar one.

Your business can use STAIN SOLVER to clean any surface you can get wet with water.

STAIN SOLVER is certified organic, it’s also color & fabric-safe.

The second column lists how the business might use it each day.

CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase STAIN SOLVER for your business.

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