June 8, 2018 Newsletter – SS09 Sale

We’re a week into June already! WOW!

Kathy and I have got a FLASH SALE on the 9-pound size going.

Remember, this sale is ONLY FOR the 9-pound size.

The promo code this time reminds me of Las Vegas and slot machines.

When you place your order and notice the amount you saved, it will all make sense.


We only have about 500 of this size in stock.

If we SELL OUT – and that’s entirely possible – we will not have them in stock again until the middle of July at the earliest.

So BUY NOW and don’t get caught without it.

The sale ends soon, or when we’re out of stock.

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Kathy and Tim Carter

May 1, 2018 Newsletter – Outdoor Algae

Happy May!

Algae. You hate it, don’t you?

You may we wanting to clean LOTS of things outdoors now that the weather is warmer. Wretched algae might be on all your outdoor stuff.

Here’s a partial list of things that might have algae on them:

  • fountains
  • kayaks
  • ​​​​​​​outdoor furniture
  • decking
  • siding
  • railings
  • patios

Look at this stunning basalt fountain of Mel’s. It’s got algae on it and Mell wants it GONE. He’s about to clean it with Stain Solver:

clean algae from fountain
I created a new page at StainSolver.com for you that has larger photos AND a video showing you how to clean algae off ANYTHING outdoors.

CLICK HERE to see the photos and watch the VIDEO.


Please pass this email around to all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc.


Because many may consider using chlorine bleach outdoors to clean algae.

Chlorine bleach is the WORST THING YOU CAN USE to clean anything outdoors.

It’s toxic and will systematically KILL all vegetation and large trees when you rinse it off the things you’re cleaning.

My neighbor in Cincinnati, OH, KILLED a magnificent maple shade tree that bathed her patio with glorious shade.

Every spring, she would dump three or four gallons of straight chlorine bleach on the patio stones and then scrub it in. I warned her, but she always thought she was smarter than me and she ignored my advice.

Tsk tsk. After ten years as the tree slowly died, I remember the day the arborist came to cut it down. I had him come over to my house to tell him why it happened. He had no idea she was using toxic chlorine bleach around the tree.


Happy Cleaning!

Tim & Kathy Carter

Clean Algae From Fountain

clean algae from fountain

Clean Algae Fast From Your Fountain – Use a Non-Toxic Product

Here is how to use non-toxic certified organic Stain Solver to clean any indoor or outdoor fountain:

  • Turn off the fountain water – allow surfaces to dry for best results
  • Apply Stain Solver solution using a hand-held sprayer and spray on all the green algae areas
  • Allow the Stain Solver solution to do its thing for 15-20 minutes
  • Scrub the dead algae off and repeat if necessary

Mixing Instructions:

Take one quart of warm or hot tap water and add 4 tablespoons of Stain Solver powder. Stir until all powder is dissolved. Failure to do this will create frustration as powder can clog the tips of sprayers. Just stir for a couple of minutes and ensure your happiness.

Best Practices Tips:

Wear goggles or protective glasses to prevent getting the solution in your eyes when scrubbing.  Treat the fountain reservoir as needed with a couple of dry ounces of Stain Solver spread across the surface of the reservoir and rocks if needed. The Stain Solver will not cause any harm to pumps and piping.

There is no way to predict the frequency of treatment. Every fountain will be different.

Watch this video to see how to mix and spray the Stain Solver. It’s the SAME PROCESS for the fountain as you see Tim Carter do for the deck railing and decking:

clean algae from fountain
This is where the water rises up at the top of the fountain. You can see a slight film of algae. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

Clean Yellow Toilet Bowl Stains

Does your toilet bowl look like this after it’s flushed?

yellow toilet bowl stains
The toilet was just flushed. You can see the swirling water. That yellow color is from algae or other organic growth. Stain Solver will clean it. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp

Clean Yellow Toilet Bowl Stains With Stain Solver

All you have to do to clean the toilet bowl is add some powdered Stain Solver and allow it to start bubbling.

The longer you allow the Stain Solver to work, up to six hours, the less scrubbing you have to do with your toilet brush.

clean yellow toilet bowl stains
Just add about two tablespoons of Stain Solver to the clear water in the toilet bowl and allow to sit for at least two hours. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver

Watch this video showing the Stain Solver bubbles working on their own:

clean yellow toilet stains
It’s time to scrub with a normal nylon toilet-bowl brush.
clean yellow toilet stains
The toilet stains are gone. The small areas that remain require you to use muriatic acid to make the toilet look brand new. CLICK HERE to read Tim Carter’s step-by-step method using muriatic acid.


Clean Armchair Arm Covers

clean armchair covers
The dirty cover is on the left. The clean one is on the right. The difference is striking. Remember, Stain Solver is color and fabric safe. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

Clean Armchair Arm Covers Fast

Jean lives in Bradenton, Florida. No matter how well you clean your arms and hands each day, you still can get body oil and dirt on the protective armchair arm covers.

Jean keeps her covers looking like brand new by just soaking them in a solution of Stain Solver for several hours before adding them to a load of normal laundry.

Look at the dramatic before and after photos:

Convinced?  CLICK HERE to order NOW!

The dirty arm cover is at the top. Look at the CLEAN one below. Note how bright the colors are! Stain Solver is color and fabric safe. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

April 19, 2018 Stain Solver Health Alert

I don’t know about you, but I want to stay healthy.

I keep my coffee warm each morning in a stainless steel travel mug.

I wash it after each use, including the leakproof cap.

But look at this photo below of the cap parts after I took it apart yesterday.

Do you see all that NASTY coffee sediment on the silicone seals?

The black plastic parts had it too, but it’s tough to see in this photo.

This is a unhealthy CRAP trapped in the parts that my scrub brush and Dobie pad can’t get to.

I’m lucky I’m not SICK! Common sense tells you bacteria was growing in this organic goo and gunk.

CLICK HERE to see other photos and a VIDEO showing the magic cleaning bubbles of Stain Solver at work.

You’re NOT GOING TO BELIEVE the after photos and how clean the coffee mug was after just a few hours of soaking.

CLICK HERE to see all the before & after photos and the video.

PLEASE do others you LOVE a favor:

Please FORWARD this email to anyone who drinks coffee or tea from mugs or brews it in some hard-to-clean machine. Forward it if your loved ones use any type of food processing machine that’s hard to clean.

You might prevent an illness because Stain Solver can CLEAN all the parts with ease removing the food that can harbor bacteria.

Juicers & Food Processors

Do you have a Vegematic food processor or juicer?

You can clean these the SAME WAY you see in the VIDEO on this page. Watch to see how the magic bubbles scrub on their own.

Questions?? Just reply and I’ll help.

Want to call? 513-407-8727

STAY HEALTHY! Soak things in Stain Solver!


Tim & Kathy Carter

Clean Coffee Thermal Travel Cup

Clean Coffee Thermal Travel Cup Using Stain Solver

These step-by-step before, during, and after photos show you the amazing transformation from nasty coffee stains and organic muck to brand-new condition.

You know it’s got to be unhealthy too because the goo and gunk created by the trapped coffee deposits surely are a breeding ground for bacteria!

coffee stained thermal travel cup
This is the stainless steel travel mug/cup before. You can clearly see the brown staining. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.
thermal coffee mug lid parts
The leakproof screw cap has been taken apart. Look at all the bacteria-laden coffee deposits hidden in all the grooves and hidden places! The lid/cap is cleaned by me with a brush after each use. These are nasty coffee deposits in hidden places that can grow bacteria! Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp
coffee cap parts
Here’s a closeup of the silicone seals and plastic parts. All you see can’t be cleaned by normal scrubbing. I scrubbed it after each use! Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.
This clear plastic container is filled with HOT water. I’m pouring in 1 teaspoon of Stain Solver powder. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.
I dumped in the parts for the lid and the bubbling Stain Solver is dislodging all the hidden NASTY coffee deposits that could have made me SICK! Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

I filled the actual mug with hot water and dumped in just 1/2 teaspoon of Stain Solver. You can see the self-scrubbing bubbles of oxygen at work!


These are the lid parts after soaking for five hours and rinsing. Amazing transformation. Sometimes you may have to use a small brush to get deposits out of tiny grooves. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.


Looks like new doesn’t it? Clean your coffee mug with Stain Solver and stay healthy and caffeinated! Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

Clean BBQ Grates

Stain Solver Cleans BBQ Grates

Patrick lives in Bermuda and uses Stain Solver for many projects. He sent us this message:

“Quick question.
I was on a roll cleaning various items and area with Stain Solver.
Took off the grate on the Weber BBQ. Had not be cleaned in quite a while.
I filled about 6” of my wheelbarrow with a solution of Stain Solver in hot water.
I submerged that grates and let them soak for just over a half an hour.
Took them out and scrubbed them, then washed them in cold water.
Used them last night.”
Patrick would have had even more success if he had allowed the grates to soak overnight.
The longer you allow things to soak, the LESS you have to scrub.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning

The general manager at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Triadelphia, West Virginia knows how to keep her hotel carpets clean for her guests.

She purchases Stain Solver 50 pounds at a time to get the best price and value.

Certified Organic Hotel Carpet Cleaning Powder

Here’s the last order we received from the Hampton Inn & Suites in Triadelphia, WV. Questions? Wonder if it will work in your motel or hotel? CALL ME Tim Carter – CEO

Stain Solver is:

  • certified organic
  • made in the USA with USA ingredients
  • a pure powder you mix with hot or warm water
  • non-toxic, no odor and SAFE for guests

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Hotel Carpet Cleaning Before and After Photos

hotel carpet cleaning
These photos were sent in by a professional carpet cleaner. Most people would have ripped out the carpeting. Stain Solver SAVED it. Questions about your hotel carpet? CALL ME – Tim Carter CEO

Certified Organic Hotel Floor Cleaning Video

Watch this video to see how the maintenance folks at the Hampton Inn & Suites use it.  For carpet, just mix as you see in the video and put the solution in a hand-pump sprayer.

Pre-treat the carpet before using a traditional carpet shampoo machine for large areas:

stain solver