July 11, 2021 Stain Solver Stuff

Meredith the Woman, not Where We Live!

Not a week goes by that we don’t get an email or phone call from a customer like you.

Just days ago, we heard from Meredith. Here’s what she sent:

“Yes, I’ve been spreading the word about STAIN SOLVER. I was just talking about it with my brother today. I should have taken some pictures of two white tank tops I was going to throw out until I soaked them in a strong solution of STAIN SOLVER. Now they look like new. Amazing!”

Yes, Meredith, STAIN SOLVER is amazing.

A day before that, I (Tim) was on the phone with a very active customer. She cuts grass, rides her bike 80 miles a week, and evidently doesn’t like to waste time eating. Neither do I.

When you eat fast, accidents happen. STAIN SOLVER saves all her tops and blouses. WOOT!

But STAIN SOLVER is much more than just the best laundry additive known to woman or man!

You can use it to clean ANYTHING water washable.

Paul uses it to clean all the teak on the expensive large boats his customers put it his trust.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see what Paul has to say about STAIN SOLVER. If you own a boat, I urge you to read Paul’s words of wisdom. He’s been restoring boats for over 30 years.

Tell us your STAIN SOLVER story. Even more so, we’d LOVE to see your before/after photos.

Just REPLY to this email and tell us the thing(s) you’ve saved with STAIN SOLVER.

Thanks in advance!

Tim & Kathy Carter

P.S. Kathy and I live in Meredith, NH.

How to Get it to Dissolve FAST!

This is part two of a short series of emails resulting from the packaging survey you may have filled out a few days ago.

Dissolving Blues

You may be one of our customers that has issues getting STAIN SOLVER to dissolve.

Let’s go back in time to your high school chemistry class. I remember my chemistry teacher, Mr. Fuchs. His younger brother was in my class.

One of the experiments we had to do was measure the time it took to dissolve some crystals in water. It might have been copper sulfate.

We had to try to dissolve the crystals in ice water, room temperature water, and boiling hot water.

To make a long story short, the crystals dissolved the fastest in the boiling water. It took forever and ever to get some of them to dissolve in the ice water. I’m sure you’ve had the same issue trying to get sugar to dissolve in iced tea, right?

STAIN SOLVER is the same. You can get it to dissolve MUCH FASTER if you simply use hot water when you mix it up. When I use HOT tap water, it takes no more than one minute of stirring to get it all to dissolve.

PRO TIP: If you don’t get all the STAIN SOLVER to dissolve, you’re just cleaning with WATER and dilute STAIN SOLVER. You need to completely dissolve all the powder to get the magic cleaning powers to come to life.

If you’re using STAIN SOLVER to remove grass or blood stains, you can mix it in HOT water and then add some ice cubes to cool the solution back down so you don’t set those stains.

Questions? Let us know!

Tim and Kathy Carter

I NEED Your Help & Toilet Tank Cleaning

I need your help if you’d be kind enough to offer it.

I’ve set a lofty goal to double the size of the STAIN SOLVER business in months, not years.


There are two easy things you might be able to do.

First, if you have friends, relatives, co-workers, etc., who might benefit from one of these emails I send to you, please FORWARD it to them.

Second, if you spend time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., you might start uploading before and after photos or simply posting how STAIN SOLVER really works to clean this or that around your house.

The most powerful way to do this is within a Facebook group. There are tens of thousands of groups on Facebook and I guarantee you there’s one or two dedicated to your hobby whatever it might be.

Did you know there are groups that are dedicated to just cleaning? Here are just a few of them where folks like you SHARE great cleaning tricks and secrets. Look how many belong to the top group. WOW!!!

Facebook Cleaning Groups

If you are on Facebook, you might consider JOINING the group and then start to share things you’ve cleaned with STAIN SOLVER.

That would be an enormous help. I’m not allowed to join the group for all the obvious reasons.

Cleaning tips and success stories MUST BE ORGANIC and originate from folks like you, not from companies.

To join any of the groups you see above, just type the name of the group in the Facebook search bar and hit RETURN on your device. The group will show up and then click the JOIN button.

Toilet Tank Cleaning

When I was growing up, my wonderful mother used to save one-gallon Clorox bottles. She filled them with fresh water after rinsing out the Clorox. She stored them under our concrete wash sink in the basement. She probably had 10 or 15 of these bottles.

Every now and then, I’d have to help empty them and put in fresh water. Each time I’d make fun of her thinking it was nuts to store water and I asked her why.

“Well, Timmy, if the water pipe in the street breaks, we’ll have enough water to wash up and cook with.”

I thought that was crazy as all my years there had never been a day when water didn’t come out of the faucet.

Well, one day it didn’t. The water main broke in the street one winter day. Mom’s wisdom and diligence saved the day!

Did you know that the water that goes into your toilet tank is the SAME WATER you DRINK from your kitchen faucet?

Yep, it’s the SAME WATER. I’ve been a master plumber since age 29 and believe me, it’s the SAME WATER.

You can use the toilet tank water in an emergency, but it’s far less GROSS if you make sure the toilet tank is always clean.

It’s so easy to clean a toilet tank with STAIN SOLVER. I created a new page on the STAIN SOLVER website yesterday showing how to do it.

clean toilet tank

That photo is my clean toilet tank. That slight ring you see just requires some touch-up scrubbing. I was so excited after seeing how clean it was after the first attempt, I had to take this photo!

Wait until you see the BEFORE photo and the DURING photo as STAIN SOLVER is doing LOTS of the scrubbing for me.

Realize this particular toilet tank had NEVER BEEN CLEANED in TWENTY YEARS!!!!

CLICK or TAP HERE and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY.

Thanks again if you can start sharing STAIN SOLVER success stories far and wide so we can grow the company as fast as possible.

Tim Carter

June 29, 2018 New Video

Clue: 🚚 & 🚗 Scat

I’ve got another new video for you.

It’s important to realize I’ve got a limited selection of the clue emoticons in the subject line, so bear with me. Thanks for your understanding!

Do you have ANY oil or grease stain on ANYTHING outdoors?

It could be concrete, your deck, your patio, etc.

Watch my LATEST VIDEO to see how you and I together would clean up the oil or grease if I was able to visit you on a fine summer day!

Please pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the end of the video when I talk about how Stain Solver is a fantastic oil remover. Wait until you see the BEFORE & AFTER scenes in the video.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the new video.

Thanks for your support and trust.

Tim & Kathy Carter

P.S. I’m going to try to record cleaning algae from house siding next week as well as removing red wine from carpeting.

June 25, 2019 Newsletter

💺& 💰

Forgive us if you feel the clues are misleading. The choices available in this newsletter software are not as great as they might be.

The first clue is a chair or seat. That one makes sense for the first video. You’ll see why when you watch how I make Outdoor Furniture Cushions look like NEW.

Keep in mind you can clean ANY outdoor furniture, fabric, boat cushion, etc. with Stain Solver. If rain can get on it, Stain Solver can and WILL make it look like new.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the unbelievable transformation of my own gross outdoor chair cushion.

The Second Clue

Cleaning a money bag? Well, it will work for that too, but I was trying to find a bucket or a pail and had no luck.

You can SAVE a bag full of sweet moola when you do purchase Stain Solver in a 5-gallon bucket. That’s a fact.

You get the best price per pound when you make that purchase. It’s perfect for your office or business and you can buy it that size to split up with friends or family.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see a brand new video showing how easy it is to OPEN the remarkable screw-off gamma-seal lid.

Yes, the Stain Solver 5-gallon pails have a wonderful REUSABLE screw-on-and-off lid so you can use the pail for who-knows-what after it’s empty.

The 4th of July is right around the corner! Do you have cleaning chores for that picnic?

What about mildewed camping stuff or coolers? Stain Solver works GREAT to clean all those things.

Have a great rest of your week.

Tim & Kathy Carter
Stain Solver Founders

Drink Coffee or Tea?

Happy Friday!

Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you drink it from a china or an insulated mug you might take around with you?

Have you noticed how tea and coffee STAIN your mugs everything else including dentures should you wear them?

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how FAST and EASY it is to make your mugs (and dentures) look like NEW!!

Have a great weekend!

Tim & Kathy Carter
Founders – www.StainSolver.com

June 16, 2019 Newsletter

I was serious when I said I was trying to record TWO new videos each week. I recorded my second new video in the past two days.

Can you tell what this is:
green algae on patio
It’s green algae on an outdoor patio.

Do you have green algae on ANYTHING outdoors? I don’t care if it’s a patio, a kayak, furniture, house siding, etc.

Watch the newest video to see how to remove green algae from ANYTHING outdoors.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch my NEWEST video showing you in just seconds how to CLEAN algae from an outdoor patio.

What do you think of my signature blue shirt that’s supposed to match the Stain Solver logo color and feeling of clean?

I want to thank you for responding to my question in the last email blast.

I asked, “What new video(s) do you want me to record?

You may have responded with a great suggestion or two or three!

Please realize I may not be able to record the exact video you want because I may not own that thing. Thus it’s impossible to create the exact video you want.

For example, overnight Teri asked me how to clean boat cushions with black mildew spots.

I responded, “… I don’t have boat cushions so I can’t record that video. But I do out outdoor furniture cushions that have mold spots.

I recording that video this week. You mix, apply, let sit, scrub, rinse and dry. BOOM!”

Here’s the bottom line: If what you want to clean can accept WATER being put on it, then you can almost always have great success mixing up Stain Solver and using it as the cleaner.

The key is to apply the Stain Solver solution to a DRY surface and keep it WET with the solution for 15, 30, or even 60 minutes before SCRUBBING or rubbing.

The longer you allow Stain Solver to work on its own, the LESS you have to work.

More videos soon! Next up is cleaning the outdoor furniture cushion here at my house.

WHAT VIDEOS do you want me to record for you?


Tim Carter
Co-founder Stain Solver

June 14, 2019 Newsletter

I’ve been absent from your inbox for far too long.

In all seriousness, that’s about to end.

With your help, we’re going to supercharge the Stain Solver brand and business.

Yesterday I recorded a new video that should have been done years ago.

It was courtesy of Nala, one of our two cats.
Clean Upholstery with Stain Solver

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch this brand new video. I show you in just a minute or two the magic of getting rid of just about any stain from upholstery.

Do you have ANY stain on ANY upholstery? It can be a chair, a couch, your car seat, your boat cushion, etc.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch exactly how I’d make the stain DISAPPEAR if I was at your home today.

What New Videos Do You Want?

I want to help you get rid of all stains at your home. But I need to know exactly what you want me to clean.

Please reply to this email and give me the TOP THREE new videos you’d like to see me create for you.

I’m trying to do a minimum of two new videos per week starting now.

This afternoon I’m going to try to record a video showing how to remove algae from a concrete paver patio. It’s the same process for bluestone, brick, regular concrete or even blacktop.

I think you’ll love all the new videos!

Tim Carter
Co-Founder www.StainSolver.com

P.S. Kathy said she liked the new video and thought I wasn’t too odd. I think that’s the word she used.