Cleaning Exterior Paint with Stain Solver

Cleaning Exterior Paint with Stain Solver You can use Stain Solver to clean any painted exterior surface. However, realize five percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays contain ACTIVE PHOTONS that break down the paint resin and pigments. Stain Solver can and will REMOVE these sun-damaged resins and pigments. You want to remove these if you’re […]

Cleaning Redwood with Stain Solver

Cleaning Redwood with Stain Solver DO NOT USE Stain Solver to clean redwood decking, siding, planter boxes, etc. The Stain Solver solution can oxidize and darken redwood. The California Redwood Association recommends you use oxalic acid to clean redwood. CLICK HERE to order it. redwood maintenance maintaining a redwood deck redwood deck redwood deck maintenance

Stain Solver Ingredients

Stain Solver Ingredients Stain Solver contains just three things: Active Ingredient: peroxyhydrated carbonate of soda Cleaning Booster: dense soda ash Happiness Generator: formulated with love to clean and save your stuff!   Stain Solver: Your everyday everything cleaner!

Stain Solver Return Policy

Returns are allowed on items received in whole, good condition. Stain Solver Return Policy: If you begin to use Stain Solver and experience problems with its performance, STOP working and call us. 513-407-8727, M-F 9:00am – 2:00pm EST Performance problems are almost always traced to mixing and application mistakes, not defective product. If you have purchased multiple bottles of Stain […]