Baseball Cap Cleaned with Stain Solver

dirty baseball cap

Curtis’ hat before cleaning with Stain Solver. Note the staining on the paper towel. What do you think that is?baseball cap cleaned

Curtis’ hat after cleaning with Stain Solver. You MUST READ Georgia’s story below about the transformation.

How to Clean Baseball Cap or Baseball Caps

Below is Georgia’s story about betting her son that she could make his ball cap white again with Stain Solver. Be sure to check out her pictures, shown above.

These might be the best Before and After photos ever submitted.

Here is Georgia’s story in her own words.

My son dearly loves his white ball cap because of the elastic in the band. He works in a manufacturing shop and wears it all day. Over time, it turned disgustingly black with grease and oil. I offered to wash it time after time, betting I could make it white again with Stain Solver.

Rolling his eyes at me each time, he refused and said the cap was a lost cause. Finally, he brought it to me and bet me I couldn’t get it clean.

When I put it under the faucet and water just ran off it, he laughed and started the “I told you so” routine. Panic rushed over him when I put the hat in a bowl of hot water and Stain Solver. The water fizzed and bubbled, so he was sure the hat was going to be a pile of fibers when it came out. Instead of rolling, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the clean, white cap the next day.

Tim, I was so pleased. Not because the hat was white – I knew it would be. It proved Mom DOES know what she is talking about – and to me, that is priceless.

Because Stain Solver ROCKS, Curtis is rocking his freshly whitened hat again.

P.S. The cap already needs another dip in the Stain Solver, so I am anticipating him walking through the door saying, “Hey, Mom, do you have any more of that magic stuff?”

Georgia, thanks for sharing your story and the photos of the hat. Yes, Mom does know what she is talking about.