Best Boat Teak Cleaner

Stain Solver is the best boat teak cleaner according to Paul Roberston who owns Afton Boat Storage in St. Croix, Minnesota.

Here’s what Paul shared with me over the phone:

“STAIN SOLVER is the best boat teak cleaner I’ve ever used in the 30 years I’ve been storing, restoring, and repairing boats. My customers have prized watercraft and they want them to look like new each season.

STAIN SOLVER makes the teak look new. It doesn’t remove any of the natural color from the teak. The best part is it doesn’t harm the fiberglass hulls. It’s a great overall cleaner to restore the fiberglass, any boat cushions, and even sails. It’s a marvelous cleaner for larges sails that get dirty and grungy.

All boat restoration companies should have a five-gallon pail of STAIN SOLVER!”

I don’t know that I could have said it any better. Thanks, Paul! Here’s Paul’s business:

afton boat storage