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Best Sail Cleaner | The sails on this Y-Flyer are kept pure white because the captain uses STAIN SOLVER. His first mate Bobbie makes sure he does it right! Photo credit: Patrick Bell

Best Sail Cleaner – Certified Organic STAIN SOLVER

The best sail cleaner in the USA is STAIN SOLVER.

Just ask Megan Hallet of Hallet Canvas and Sails in Falmouth, Maine.

Megan has been using STAIN SOLVER for several years and it restores all her customers’ sails to brand-new condition.

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Is it Color and Fabric-Safe?

Yes, STAIN SOLVER is both color and fabric-safe.

How Do You Clean Sails?

Megan has a giant shallow cleaning tank at her family business. I told her the best way to use STAIN SOLVER is to put the solution in a hand-pump sprayer.

STEP ONE: Mix one cup of STAIN SOLVER powder to each gallon of HOT water. Stir until completely dissolved, then put in the sprayer tank.

STEP TWO: Gather all the sails you want to clean. Begin with the smallest sail.

STEP THREE: Saturate both sides of the sail with the STAIN SOLVER solution. Continue with all the other sails laying each larger sail on the smaller one below.

STEP FOUR: Cover the pile of STAIN SOLVER saturated sails with a sheet of plastic and let soak for several hours or overnight for the best results. After uncovering, scrub each sail with a normal soap solution, rinse, and allow to dry.

Your sails will LOOK LIKE NEW. CLICK or TAP HERE to order. The SS50 size is the BEST BUY per pound. This is the size marina owners most frequently buy.

STAIN SOLVER is a great boat teak cleaner too! Read how Paul uses it at his Afton Boat Storage business in Minnesota.