Remove Baked On Grease

Remove Baked On Grease With Stain Solver

You can remove baked on grease with minimal scrubbing if you soak your item in a solution of Stain Solver.

It will NOT harm stainless steel pots, pans, cookie sheets or chromed oven racks.

Do NOT use Stain Solver with aluminum as the pure oxygen in the Stain Solver will darken the aluminum.

Soaking Breaks Down Grease

The key is to soak the items. I simply put hot water in my sink, just enough to cover the item and then pour in about one cup of Stain Solver.

WATCH this video demonstrating the Stain Solver bubbles softening the grease:

Step-by-Step Photos of Baked On Grease Removal

Look at these photos to see the magic of Stain Solver:

baked on grease
Here’s my medium-sized frying pan with years of baked on grease on the outside. The polished surface would be RUINED and SCRATCHED if you used a rough scouring pad. Stain Solver softens the hard grease so it’s easy to remove with a gentle Dobie Pad. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter
baked on grease removal
I use a simple metal cooling rack in the sink. This elevates the bottom of the pan so it’s surrounded by water filled with trillions of tiny oxygen bubbles that attack the baked on grease. NOTE the tiny bumps of metal that create the feet. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter
baked on grease removal
Hot water is filling the sink as the cooling rack awaits the Stain Solver powder and pan. I only put in enough water so it comes to the TOP lip of the frying pan. Less water means you use less Stain Solver. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter
remove baked on grease
Here’s Stain Solver. It’s a certified organic powder you pour into the hot water. Trillions of oxygen bubbles immediately start to attack the evil baked on grease! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Pour Powder Into Hot Water

remove baked on grease stainless steel
I’m pouring about one cup of Stain Solver into the HOT water. No need to stir it. It’s time to put the pan in the magic solution! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter
remove baked on grease stainless steel
The pan is in the HOT water and the Stain Solver bubbles are scrubbing the baked on grease on the sides and bottom of the pan. I put water in the pan so it stays flat on the cooling rack. I like to let it soak for three hours before starting to remove the grease. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter
remove baked on grease stainless steel
I use Dobie Pads to gently remove the softened grease. These pads will NOT scratch polished stainless steel. CLICK HERE or THIS PHOTO to have Dobie Pads delivered to your home.
remove baked on grease stainless steel
The pan soaked for three hours. It’s now time to scrub with the Dobie pad. I often add some Cameo Stainless Steel cleaning powder so I don’t have to scrub too hard. CLICK HERE or THE PHOTO to have Cameo Stainless Steel cleaner delivered to your door. It’s a fantastic product I’ve used for years.
clean baked on grease
Here’s the finished pan. I let it soak another two hours after scrubbing it for the first three hours. Tough baked on grease can take multiple soakings, but you can see it’s worth it. Stain Solver is REMARKABLE, it’s ORGANIC, it’s SAFE and it will remove baked on grease from all your cookware! CALL US with questions! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

stain solver

Roof Algae Cleaning with Stain Solver

Roof Algae Cleaning with Stain Solver

Algae covered roof BEFORE
Cleaned roof AFTER Stain Solver

“We ordered some Stain Solver last week to use on roof algae. I have been looking at it over 2 years wondering how to get rid of it and came across your product when searching the Internet.

Today I got up there and worked over 3 large areas using your product, a small sprayer and a deck brush with long handle following the directions provided About 1-1/2 hours later my roof looked great.

Your product was awesome and did just what I was hoping for. 100% satisfaction. Thanks so much!”

The Turners

Your roof looks great. Thank you for sharing your roof cleaning story and photographs.

Grout Cleaning with Stain Solver

Grout Cleaning with Stain Solver

Meaghan’s BEFORE grout cleaning
Meaghan’s grout AFTER cleaning with Stain Solver

Here is Meaghan’s story behind the pictures shown below of her tile floor.

“My “light grey” grout was at least 15-years-old and never sealed.

I cleaned it with everything, including a bleach pen, to no avail.

I couldn’t believe how the Stain Solver solution, with a grout brush, could make such a difference!”

– Meaghan

Thanks for sharing your story and your before and after grout photos.

Cedar Siding Maintenance Cleaning with Stain Solver

Cedar Siding Maintenance Cleaning with Stain Solver

BEFORE – Photo credit: Peter Weinberg
AFTER – Photo credit: Peter Weinberg

Peter W. shared his remarkable before and after photos of his cedar siding. It needed some TLC maintenance and cleaning.

Here is Peter’s email …

“This is a before and after picture of a small section of our cedar sided house which became black from an older stain and mildew.

We mixed 4 scoops of stain solver in 2 gallons of warm water and applied it with a garden sprayer. Scrubbed and rinsed off. We followed the cleaning with a wood brightener to restore the cedar to like new.

The rest of the house will follow!”

Thanks for sharing your great photos of your cedar siding and its cleaning with Stain Solver.

Cleaning Sailboat Sails with Stain Solver

Cleaning Sailboat Sails with Stain Solver

Badly stained sailboat sails BEFORE cleaning
Sailboat sails AFTER a cleaning with Stain Solver

“I’ve bought and used this product several times with great results, but, today it just blew my mind.

I was working on a sailboat I’d bought at an auction 10+ years ago and also doing laundry today. The sails were badly stained when I got the boat 10 years ago. I was going to replace them, but instead patched them (had holes and stained from storage, probably got wet or were put away damp). Anyway to make a long story short, I soaked the jib sail in Stain Solver in a 5 gallon bucket with one cup of Stain Solver in about 3 gallons of water. Agitated by hand about every 10 minutes for over a half hour and were astonished at the results.

The pre-existing 10-year stains were barely noticeable. I hung them on the boat and rinsed them with a hose and let them dry in the sun and the difference in unbelievable. The jib sail was a test and convinced me to also try the main sail which was actually worse. It came out as good or better than the jib.

The boat is only 14′ but the mast is 21′ high from the deck and the two sails total over 100 sq. ft. I had tried washing the sails before with various cleaners but to no avail. I was convinced you had a good product before but this surprised me enough to write to you about it. Also have before and after pictures if you would like to see them. Thanks, now I “really” appreciate your product.”

Jim Schriver

Above are my pictures. Quite a difference on the sails. Remember these sails were stained when I got the boat 10+ years ago and prior attempts to clean the sails didn’t work.

Algae Covered Steps Cleaned with Stain Solver

Algae Covered Steps Cleaned with Stain Solver

BEFORE – Photo Credit – ©2017 Jonathan Hackett
AFTER – Photo Credit – ©2017 Jonathan Hackett

Jonathan describes how he cleaned his wooden steps with Stain Solver.

Here is his email.

“Applied solution of Stain Solver to algae covered steps. Waited 15-minutes, then scrubbed off the algae. Then rinsed with clean water.”

Jonathan’s pictures above show his results with the algae removal. Thanks for sharing, Jonathan.

Muddy Sports Bras Cleaned with Stain Solver

Muddy Sports Bras Cleaned with Stain Solver

Laura’s BEFORE photo
Laura’s AFTER photo

Here is Laura’s email explaining what happened to her sports bras.


I am writing to tell you something you probably already know, that you have an amazing and excellent product in Stain Solver! I did one of those crazy obstacle course events last weekend with a few obstacles that had us either slogging on our bellies under about 20 -30 yards of barbed-wire through mud and rocks or in a mucky pond climbing over and under logs when we weren’t climbing up hills or through mud and muck. Needless to say, we got dirty. (This was not my first time doing one of these, but this time was way dirtier than the last).

I thought my sports bras were ruined after these events because they were so stained from the muck; they even had dirt trapped in the seams. I couldn’t imagine they’d be good for much other than another a pull toy for the dogs. I knew chlorine bleach would ruin them. I had Stain Solver work on a red wine-stained table cloth, so I gave it a try on the sports bras.

I’ve enclosed photos so you can see the challenge Stain Solver was up against on one of them. I used the Stain Solver as directed (4 scoops per gallon of warm water) and let it soak for about 6 hours, rinsed and did it again, then tossed them in the wash. I was stunned. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how clean they were. And there is no damage to the elastic or fabric like there would have been with bleach. I’ve shared it with my friends, and am posting this onto Facebook!!! I want the world to know what a great product you have.

I hope you and your family never stop making this stuff!

Kindest Regards,”


Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story and great before and after photos!

Customer Carpet Saved with Stain Solver

Customer Carpet Saved with Stain Solver

Stained carpet BEFORE cleaning
The same carpet AFTER cleaning with Stain Solver

Justin owns and operates a professional carpet cleaning business, and he’s discovered Stain Solver is an amazing PRETREAT product. He mixes it up in a garden hand-pump sprayer and saturates the carpet the first thing upon arriving at the job. Then, as the Stain Solver works, he gets out his equipment allowing the Stain Solver to work on it’s own for about 15 minutes.

You can see the results are AMAZING.

Baseball Cap Cleaned with Stain Solver

Baseball Cap Cleaned with Stain Solver

baseball cap cleaning
Curtis’ hat before cleaning with Stain Solver
baseball cap cleaned
Curtis’ hat after cleaning with Stain Solver


Below is Georgia’s story about betting her son that she could make his ball cap white again with Stain Solver. Be sure to check out her pictures, shown above.

These might be the best Before and After photos ever submitted.

Here is Georgia’s story in her own words.

“My son dearly loves his white ball cap because of the elastic in the band. He works in a manufacturing shop and wears it all day. Over time, it turned disgustingly black with grease and oil. I offered to wash it time after time, betting I could make it white again with Stain Solver.

Rolling his eyes at me each time, he refused and said the cap was a lost cause. Finally, he brought it to me and bet me I couldn’t get it clean.

When I put it under the faucet and water just ran off it, he laughed and started the “I told you so” routine. Panic rushed over him when I put the hat in a bowl of hot water and Stain Solver. The water fizzed and bubbled, so he was sure the hat was going to be a pile of fibers when it came out. Instead of rolling, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the clean, white cap the next day.

Tim, I was so pleased. Not because the hat was white – I knew it would be. It proved Mom DOES know what she is talking about – and to me, that is priceless.

Because Stain Solver ROCKS, Curtis is rocking his freshly whitened hat again.

P.S. The cap already needs another dip in the Stain Solver, so I am anticipating him walking through the door saying, “Hey, Mom, do you have any more of that magic stuff?””

Georgia, thanks for sharing your story and the photos of the hat. Yes, Mom does know what she is talking about.