Clean Burnt Metal Pot

clean burnt metal pot
You’re looking at what happens when you boil down milk of all things. Look BELOW at the CLEAN pot!

Clean Burnt Metal Pot – Soak With Stain Solver

Ravindra shared the amazing before and after photos. He, or some other guilty party, was heating up some milk and forgot it was on the stove. Here’s what Ravindra told us:

“I can’t ask for more. I had to soak it three times, but it worked like MAGIC!”

Yes, Stain Solver will remove any sort of:

  • burned or burnt food
  • burned or burnt sugar
  • burnt or burned sauces
clean burnt metal pot
This is what the pot looked like after soaking in Stain Solver. All Ravindra did was fill the pot with HOT water and he dumped in a tablespoon of Stain Solver. He waited about three hours and came back. It helps to use a Dobbie Pad after the Stain Solver has worked for an hour or two.

How to Clean Backpack

How to Clean Backpack – Easy! Just Soak and Light Scrubbing

It’s so easy to clean a backpack. They’re durable and withstand soaking with no issues. Look at this stained and grungy backpack:


how to clean backpack
This is an abused backpack. Not for long! Stain Solver will make it look like new.
how to clean backpack
This nasty red stain will come out after you soak the backpack in Stain Solver.

How to Clean Backpack Tips:

  • remove all contents from all pockets – double check
  • fill laundry tub with 4 inches of hot water – add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver
  • stir the water for 30 seconds to help powder dissolve
  • place backpack face down in the solution and push up and down to get inside WET
  • allow to soak for two hours and scrub dirty surfaces
  • rinse and allow to air dry

This is what the backpack will look like once you follow the easy instructions above:

how to clean backpack
Yes, Stain Solver can restore expensive backpacks with ease!

stain solver


How to Clean Slipcovers

How to Clean Slipcovers – Let Them Soak, Then Wash

It’s easy to clean slipcovers, or a single slipcover, like this one using certified organic Stain Solver. Directions are below

how to clean slipcovers
This dingy slipcover can be cleaned with ease, especially if your washing machine has a soak cycle. Look below for directions.

How to Clean Slipcovers Tips:

  • remove slipcover and place in the washing machine
  • add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver
  • adjust washing machine settings to SOAK
  • be sure slipcover is immersed in a small amount of water in the machine
  • let soak for three hours, then proceed with the normal wash cycle

SHARE your slipcover Before and After photos!  CLICK or TAP HERE, fill out the form and upload your photos!

Here’s another photo of a typical slipcover:

how to clean slipcovers
Slipcovers do a great job of preventing wear on expensive couches and chairs.

stain solver

How To Clean Vitamix

How to Clean Vitamix®

You clean your Vitamix® blender the same way I clean my regular blender. Here’s my fruit-stained blender:

how to clean vitamix
A Vitamix blender is made with the same acrylic body as this blender. Fruit and vegetable ingredients get into the scratched surface of the blender. Stain Solver REMOVES the stains with NO SCRUBBING!

All you do is fill the blender to the top with WARM water and dump in two tablespoons of certified organic Stain Solver.

Then walk away.

Here’s what your blender will look like in a few hours:

how to clean vitamix
Yes, you can get your Vitamix blender this clean. It may not be as clear as this once done because you might have scratched your blender container with nuts and icy fruit.

stain solver

Clean Oil From Blacktop

Clean Oil from Blacktop, Hot top, Asphalt, and ChipSeal

Stain Solver does a great job of cleaning fresh oil spills or drippings from blacktop. It also works to clean oil from:

  • hot top or hottop
  • asphalt
  • chipseal
clean oil from blacktop
These fresh oil spots would disappear in no time using Stain Solver and a little liquid dish soap. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp

Watch this video to see how I’d do it if I came to your home. I’m cleaning oil from concrete, but the process is the same for blacktop, hot top, asphalt, tar and chip, or chipseal.


How to Clean Teak Furniture

Stain Solver is a fantastic cleaner for any outdoor teak furniture. It removes the sun-damaged gray wood fibers as well as sun-damaged stains and clear finishes but doesn’t harm the wood or nearby expensive landscaping.

Here are a few before, during and after photos of our own teak table out on our deck. The step-by-step process to clean the teak is below:

clean teak furniture
This is what the teak looked like before I started cleaning it with Stain Solver. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.
clean teak furniture
Here’s the after photo but I got ahead of myself and had already applied the stain to the center section. See how the Stain Solver did NOT harm the gorgeous brown color of the natural teak? Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.
clean teak furniture
This is the finished product. Doesn’t it look amazing? I did this in just a few hours. CLICK or TAP HERE to order now. You’ll need 4.5 pounds for a job like this.

Cleaning Tips & Instructions:

  • Mix one cup of Stain Solver per gallon of warm or hot water – stir until dissolved completely
  • Apply the solution to the teak in the shade – be sure the teak is dry so the solution soaks in
  • Allow the solution to soak for 15-30 minutes – add more solution as needed to keep the teak wet
  • Scrub with a good scrub brush, rinse and allow to dry

Remove Oil From Concrete

Remove Oil From Concrete – It’s Not Too Hard

You remove oil from concrete using Stain Solver and some great liquid dish soap.

Stain Solver is a fantastic oil remover, be SURE TO WATCH the end of the video looking at how well Stain Solver removed the oil from the baseball cap.

How Fast Can You Remove the Oil from Concrete?

It’s important to realize you need to allow the Stain Solver to soak into the concrete and the job may take multiple cleaning attempts depending on how old the oil stain is.

Should the Concrete Be Dry and In the Shade?

Yes, you’ll get the best results if the concrete is dry. This allows the Stain Solver to soak into the concrete. You must work in the shade so the solution does not evaporate. You may have to keep the oil stain wet for several hours depending on how deep the oil has soaked into the dense concrete matrix.


Clean Silicone Ear Plugs

clean silicone ear plugs
Clean Silicone Ear Plugs | These are filthy silicone earplugs. Even though my ears were cleaned each morning, the plugs get gross on the job site with all sorts of gunk. Look below for the unbelievable AFTER photo. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Clean Silicone Ear Plugs Using Stain Solver

You can clean silicone earplugs using Stain Solver.

How Do You Clean the Ear Plugs?

I mixed 8 ounces of hot water with 1 tablespoon of Stain Solver powder. I stirred it up for about 20 seconds.

clean ear plugs
The ear plugs are soaking in a mixture of certified organic Stain Solver and hot water. Watch the video below to see how it cleans. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Do You Just Soak the Ear Plugs?

Yes, I just soaked the ear plugs for about two hours and they came out like new after rinsing them well.

How Clean are the Ear Plugs?

Look at them yourself. They look new!  CLICK or TAP HERE to order Stain Solver now.

clean ear plugs
The ear plugs look brand new. Stain Solver is amazing. WATCH the video below to see how the Stain Solver cleaned the ear plugs. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


Clean Bird Feeders

clean bird feeders
Clean Bird Feeders | You can see the before and after here. Stain Solver is SAFE for all bird feeders, even fragile terra cotta. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Clean Bird Feeders – Use Certified Organic Stain Solver

My sister texted me last week asking if it was safe to soak her terra cotta, a low-strength pottery product, in Stain Solver.

“Heck yes, it’s safe. Your feeder is going to look like new.”

How Do You Clean a Bird Feeder?

She mixed one cup of Stain Solver powder with a gallon of hot water, stirred for a minute then put the feeder in the solution for several hours.

After soaking, she lightly scrubbed the feeder with a long-bristle scrub brush, rinsed it, and you see the end result. It looks like a NEW feeder.

“I was impressed how Stain Solver did most of the work – I had little to scrub!”, my sister told me a few days later after sending the before and after photos.

CLICK or TAP HERE to order Stain Solver now.

How Does the Stain Solver Clean Bird Feeders?

Stain Solver cleans bird feeders using a simple and safe irreversible chemical reaction. Countless tiny pure oxygen scrubbing bubbles are RELEASED into the water as soon as you add the Stain Solver powder into hot or warm water. WATCH THIS VIDEO:

These bubbles attack the algae, mold, and mildew on the feeder. Watch the short video below to see the bubbles in action. I had poured some of the Stain Solver into a mug that was stained with cinnamon tea.

Stain Solver is color and fabric-safe. You can soak just about anything in Stain Solver and get remarkable results.

Clean Bird Feeders Before Photo


clean bird feeders
You can clean off this algae, mildew and mold using Stain Solver. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Clean Bird Feeders After Photo

clean bird feeders
This terra cotta bird feeder looks brand new. You can congratulate Stain Solver and yourself once you buy some. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter