Clean Grease Off Cabinets

clean grease off cabinets
Clean Grease Off Cabinets | This is nasty grease on the top of kitchen cabinets. Look below at the after photo to see how well Stain Solver cleans it.

Clean Grease Off Cabinets – Spray with Stain Solver

George used Stain Solver to clean grease off his kitchen cabinets. Here’s what he wrote to us:

“Just wanted to let you know I followed the instructions you provided to clean the grease from atop the cabinets in the kitchen and it cleaned beautifully using your Stain Solver product.  I’ve been purchasing your products for years now and always have been happy with the results.”

I told George to mix up a solution, put it in a simple spray bottle and spritz the grease pretty well. I then told him to WAIT about 15 minutes and then wipe the cabinets with a solution of Stain Solver and a little bit of Dawn liquid dish soap. The grease comes off immediately.

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Here’s a side-by-side before/after photo. It’s remarkable.

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clean grease off cabinets
Look at the side-by-side comparison! WOW! The longer you allow the solution to work, the LESS work you need to do.

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clean grease off kitchen cabinets
The cabinets look BRAND NEW. Stain Solver will not harm the finish.


Remove Green Algae From Roof


green algae on roof
Remove Green Algae From Roof | This is typical green algae on roof shingles. You can remove it with ease using Stain Solver. Work in the shade in the cool part of the day. Are you ready for the AFTER photo? Look just below the video.

Remove Green Algae From Roof – Easy with Stain Solver

Watch this video to see the way you and I would remove green algae from your roof:

Roof shingles with algae stains removed
The shingles look brand new! Remember, work on a COOL roof in the shade so the Stain Solver solution doesn’t evaporate.
Video Transcript:

Guess what we got here? Roof algae! What is it? Well, it’s a microscopic organism that feeds off of calcium carbonate or powdered limestone, that’s in the asphalt shingles.

Does it hurt the shingles? No!

Does that mean you need a new roof? No, but a lot of people have it and they want to clean it off.

Some roofs also have regular green algae that comes from trees and things that are near the houses. Well there’s a way to clean that off as well.

Here’s what you do. The way to clean off roof algae is to go ahead and mix up some oxygen bleach with water. It’s a powder. It’s safe. It doesn’t take the color out of the shingles, and it doesn’t hurt the shingles or vegetation or anything else near your home.

What you do is put it into a pump sprayer. Spray it on the roof, and you need to keep the roof wet with the solution for about ten or fifteen minutes.

The oxygen bleach starts to go ahead and attack the roof algae. It does its best to kill it and take away the stains.

Take a scrub brush, lightly scrub the shingles. Apply more solution if you have to to get a nice workable solution. Then once the shingles are clean, you go ahead and take a hose and just rinse the roof off.

It’s really that simple. Okay, this roof’s going to need a second application. Maybe even a third one. It was extra dirty.

Now there’s a couple of safety tips I want to tell you about. When working on a roof, first off, all roofs are slippery. When you get them wet. they’re even more slippery. And when you put on oxygen bleach, they are even more slippery. So make sure you’re very careful. Wear some good sturdy gym shoes that give you good traction. Also try to work on the roofs when it’s cooler, maybe in the morning, or on a cloudy overcast day. Never try to work when it’s extremely hot and extremely sunny. It makes the oxygen bleach evaporate too fast.

Be careful if you’re trying to clean roof algae off your roof.

If you want to discover more home improvement tips, go to

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Stain Solver will remove green algae from:

  • asphalt shingles
  • metal roof or metal roofing
  • tile or Mexican tile roofs
  • slate roofing
  • wood shingles or wood shakes roofing

Here’s what the shingles looked like after removing the green algae. There is NO DAMAGE to the shingles:

Roof shingles with algae stains removed
The shingles look brand new! Remember, work on a COOL roof in the shade so the Stain Solver solution doesn’t evaporate.

Clean Cranberry Juice Stain

remove cranberry juice
Remove Cranberry Juice Stain | This is cranberry juice on a shirt. It’s so easy to remove it by soaking the entire garment in Stain Solver overnight. Look below for the after photo!

Stain Solver Saves White Shirts from Cranberry Juice

Peggy Sparrow, who lives in Illinois, wrote to me:

“I just wanted to let you know Stain Solver saved my white sleeveless top as well as my son’s and husband’s clothes last week. We were visiting our son Peter at the University of Dayton for parents’ weekend and while at breakfast, our waitress spilled a full-to-the-brim glass of cranberry juice all over us.

Peter was sure his favorite shirt was ruined, but I told him I’d take his clothes home and work on them.  Stain Solver to the rescue—it got the stains our of both my husband’s and son’s clothes. They were quite impressed!  Unfortunately, I got to work immediately and didn’t take pictures of their clothes, but you can see how it cleaned my favorite white top.”


Stain Solver is both fabric and color-safe. You get the BEST RESULTS by soaking the entire garment overnight in a solution of Stain Solver.

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remove cranberry juice stain
The stain is GONE. Remember, Stain Solver is both fabric and color-safe.

Clean Birdbath Algae and Mold

clean birdbath
Look at this disgusting birdbath. No wonder birds DIE from disease. It’s easy to make this look like new.

Clean Birdbath Algae and Mold | Add Hot Water & Stain Solver

See that gross birdbath above? Some people type bird bath but it’s really one word, not two.

Pour out any gross water, fill the birdbath with clean water, let it get WARM in the sun for several hours, then pour in 1/2 cup of Stain Solver powder.


COVER the birdbath with a piece of cardboard during the wait period so birds do NOT drink the Stain Solver solution.

Let it sit for a few hours and come back and SCRUB to get the results you see below.

After scrubbing, get rid of the gross water, rinse and fill with new clean water.

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clean birdbath
It took minimal effort to clean the birdbath. The black algae stains on top can be removed too. You just have to work in the shade and keep ALL the birdbath surfaces wet with the solution before scrubbing. The LONGER you allow the solution to work, up to 5 or 6 hours, the LESS you have to scrub.

Clean Car Mat and Carpet

clean car mats
Ann used certified organic Stain Solver to clean these dirty car mats.

Clean Car Mat & Car Carpet – Stain Solver

Ann used Stain Solver to clean her vinyl car mats that were pretty dirty.

She mixed up a normal solution, applied it to the mats while sitting in the shade, let the solution work for about 15 minutes, scrubbed, and then rinsed. CLICK or TAP HERE for full use instructions.

Stain Solver will also clean:

  • car carpet
  • truck carpet
  • SUV carpet
  • SUV mats
  • truck mats

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Here’s what Ann’s clean car mat looks like:

clean car mat
This is the after photo. Stain Solver did an amazing job and it even removes oil and grease marks when you track OIL into your car. Remember, don’t be an oil walker! That’s what I called my kids when they walked on large oil-dripping spots in parking lots.

Clean Corian Stains

clean corian stains from double bowl sink
This is the before photo. You’re looking at coffee, tea, and other food stains. Stain Solver can make this look brand new with NO SCRUBBING! Photo credit: Emily Grubbs

Clean Corian® Stains – Fill With Water & Add Stain Solver – DONE!

John Faulkner reached out and asked:

“Will Stain Solver work to clean the stain in my daughter’s Corian® sink?”

How Do I Clean Corian Stains?

Fill the sink with hot water. Add one cup of Stain Solver powder and let sit overnight.

Emily did a test on the smaller sink to the right before tackling the larger sink. Because the small sink has less volume, 1/2 cup of Stain Solver was plenty.

Stain Solver will also clean:

  • porcelain sinks
  • tile sinks
  • cast iron sinks
  • stainless steel sinks
clean corian sink - one bowl cleaned
Emily did the test and look at the remarkable results. Stain Solver saved her at least $1,000.00. You’d pay that much for a new sink plus installation, maybe more! Photo credit: Emily Grubbs

Do I Have to Scrub?

No. Allow the Stain Solver to work on its own for at least six hours. Remember, you’ll get the BEST results filling the sink with hot water.

clean corian stains - both bowls cleaned
Here’s the completed sink. Emily didn’t have to scrub. Stain Solver is a magical cleaner. It’s Certified Organic and Made in the USA! Photo credit: Emily Grubbs

stain solver certified organic logo

Clean Red Wine From Clothes

clean red wine from clothes
Look at the red wine spill on these brilliant snow-white pants. The woman was not happy at the event but look below to see how Stain Solver made them look BRAND NEW. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.

Clean Red Wine From Clothes – Easy with Stain Solver

You can clean red wine from clothes by just soaking them in Stain Solver for an hour before washing them.

Stain Solver is both color and fabric-safe so you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes.

Soak the stained clothes on a low water setting in your washing machine or in a bucket.

Add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver to the warm water, stir for 30 seconds then drop in the stained garments. Usually, one hour of soaking is sufficient. If soaking in a bucket, pour the garments AND bucket water into your washing machine to clean the clothes.

Clean Red Wine From Clothes
Here are the pants after soaking in Stain Solver. They look NEW! It’s so easy and remember, Stain Solver is color & fabric-safe. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.

stain solver certified organic logo

Clean Burnt Metal Pot

clean burnt metal pot
You’re looking at what happens when you boil down milk of all things. Look BELOW at the CLEAN pot!

Clean Burnt Metal Pot – Soak With Stain Solver

Ravindra shared the amazing before and after photos. He, or some other guilty party, was heating up some milk and forgot it was on the stove. Here’s what Ravindra told us:

“I can’t ask for more. I had to soak it three times, but it worked like MAGIC!”

Yes, Stain Solver will remove any sort of:

  • burned or burnt food
  • burned or burnt sugar
  • burnt or burned sauces
clean burnt metal pot
This is what the pot looked like after soaking in Stain Solver. All Ravindra did was fill the pot with HOT water and he dumped in a tablespoon of Stain Solver. He waited about three hours and came back. It helps to use a Dobbie Pad after the Stain Solver has worked for an hour or two.

How to Clean Backpack

How to Clean Backpack – Easy! Just Soak and Light Scrubbing

It’s so easy to clean a backpack. They’re durable and withstand soaking with no issues. Look at this stained and grungy backpack:


how to clean backpack
This is an abused backpack. Not for long! Stain Solver will make it look like new.
how to clean backpack
This nasty red stain will come out after you soak the backpack in Stain Solver.

How to Clean Backpack Tips:

  • remove all contents from all pockets – double check
  • fill laundry tub with 4 inches of hot water – add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver
  • stir the water for 30 seconds to help powder dissolve
  • place backpack face down in the solution and push up and down to get inside WET
  • allow to soak for two hours and scrub dirty surfaces
  • rinse and allow to air dry

This is what the backpack will look like once you follow the easy instructions above:

how to clean backpack
Yes, Stain Solver can restore expensive backpacks with ease!

stain solver


How to Clean Slipcovers

How to Clean Slipcovers – Let Them Soak, Then Wash

It’s easy to clean slipcovers, or a single slipcover, like this one using certified organic Stain Solver. Directions are below

how to clean slipcovers
This dingy slipcover can be cleaned with ease, especially if your washing machine has a soak cycle. Look below for directions.

How to Clean Slipcovers Tips:

  • remove slipcover and place in the washing machine
  • add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver
  • adjust washing machine settings to SOAK
  • be sure slipcover is immersed in a small amount of water in the machine
  • let soak for three hours, then proceed with the normal wash cycle

SHARE your slipcover Before and After photos!  CLICK or TAP HERE, fill out the form and upload your photos!

Here’s another photo of a typical slipcover:

how to clean slipcovers
Slipcovers do a great job of preventing wear on expensive couches and chairs.

stain solver