Quilt Cleaning

“I would highly recommend Stain Solver to any quilter who has stained a quilt she has spent many, many hours making, or anyone who is restoring an old or antique quilt.” Clean Red Quilt – No Room for Error Dear Tim, I don’t have a ‘before’ picture. To be honest, I never expected the pile […]

How To Clean Indian Food Stains

How to Clean Indian Food Stains – Use Stain Solver! Brett sent me this note and the photos: “You made my wife a believer in Stain Solver. She had ordered Some Indian takeout that ended up on her white jeans! She was out of town so she just rinsed off as mush as she could […]

Clean Colored Fabric

Clean Colored Fabric – Stain Solver is Color-Safe! Stain Solver safely cleans: colored cotton fabric colored polyester fabric wool colored with synthetic dye silk colored with synthetic dye Cleaning Instructions: It’s best to soak any fabric to get it clean. Most washing machines have a soak cycle. Soak for up to three hours, then spin […]

Clean Grease Off Cabinets

Clean Grease Off Cabinets – Spray with Stain Solver George used Stain Solver to clean grease off his kitchen cabinets. Here’s what he wrote to us: “Just wanted to let you know I followed the instructions you provided to clean the grease from atop the cabinets in the kitchen and it cleaned beautifully using your Stain Solver product.  I’ve been […]

Remove Green Algae From Roof

  Remove Green Algae From Roof – Easy with Stain Solver Watch this video to see the way you and I would remove green algae from your roof:  Video Transcript: Guess what we got here? Roof algae! What is it? Well, it’s a microscopic organism that feeds off of calcium carbonate or powdered limestone, […]

Clean Cranberry Juice Stain

Stain Solver Saves White Shirts from Cranberry Juice Peggy Sparrow, who lives in Illinois, wrote to me: “I just wanted to let you know Stain Solver saved my white sleeveless top as well as my son’s and husband’s clothes last week. We were visiting our son Peter at the University of Dayton for parents’ weekend […]

Clean Birdbath Algae and Mold

Clean Birdbath Algae and Mold | Add Hot Water & Stain Solver See that gross birdbath above? Some people type bird bath but it’s really one word, not two. Pour out any gross water, fill the birdbath with clean water, let it get WARM in the sun for several hours, then pour in 1/2 cup […]

Clean Car Mat and Carpet

Clean Car Mat & Car Carpet – Stain Solver Ann used Stain Solver to clean her vinyl car mats that were pretty dirty. She mixed up a normal solution, applied it to the mats while sitting in the shade, let the solution work for about 15 minutes, scrubbed, and then rinsed. CLICK or TAP HERE […]

Clean Corian Stains

Clean Corian® Stains – Fill With Water & Add Stain Solver – DONE! John Faulkner reached out and asked: “Will Stain Solver work to clean the stain in my daughter’s Corian® sink?” How Do I Clean Corian Stains? Fill the sink with hot water. Add one cup of Stain Solver powder and let sit overnight. […]