Quilt Cleaning

“I would highly recommend Stain Solver to any quilter who has stained a quilt she has spent many, many hours making, or anyone who is restoring an old or antique quilt.” Clean Red Quilt – No Room for Error Dear Tim, I don’t have a ‘before’ picture. To be honest, I never expected the pile Read More »

Clean Colored Fabric

Clean Colored Fabric – Stain Solver is Color-Safe! Stain Solver safely cleans: colored cotton fabric colored polyester fabric wool colored with synthetic dye silk colored with synthetic dye Cleaning Instructions: It’s best to soak any fabric to get it clean. Most washing machines have a soak cycle. Soak for up to three hours, then spin Read More »

Clean Grease Off Cabinets

Clean Grease Off Cabinets – Spray with Stain Solver George used Stain Solver to clean grease off his kitchen cabinets. Here’s what he wrote to us: “Just wanted to let you know I followed the instructions you provided to clean the grease from atop the cabinets in the kitchen and it cleaned beautifully using your Stain Solver product.  I’ve been Read More »