Clean Burnt Metal Pot

Clean Burnt Metal Pot – Soak With Stain Solver Ravindra shared the amazing before and after photos. He, or some other guilty party, was heating up some milk and forgot it was on the stove. Here’s what Ravindra told us: “I can’t ask for more. I had to soak it three times, but it worked […]

How to Clean Backpack

How to Clean Backpack – Easy! Just Soak and Light Scrubbing It’s so easy to clean a backpack. They’re durable and withstand soaking with no issues. Look at this stained and grungy backpack:   How to Clean Backpack Tips: remove all contents from all pockets – double check fill laundry tub with 4 inches of […]

How to Clean Slipcovers

How to Clean Slipcovers – Let Them Soak, Then Wash It’s easy to clean slipcovers, or a single slipcover, like this one using certified organic Stain Solver. Directions are below How to Clean Slipcovers Tips: remove slipcover and place in the washing machine add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver adjust washing machine settings to SOAK […]

How To Clean Vitamix

How to Clean Vitamix® You clean your Vitamix® blender the same way I clean my regular blender. Here’s my fruit-stained blender: All you do is fill the blender to the top with WARM water and dump in two tablespoons of certified organic Stain Solver. Then walk away. Here’s what your blender will look like in […]

Clean Oil From Blacktop

Clean Oil from Blacktop, Hot top, Asphalt, and ChipSeal Stain Solver does a great job of cleaning fresh oil spills or drippings from blacktop. It also works to clean oil from: hot top or hottop asphalt chipseal Watch this video to see how I’d do it if I came to your home. I’m cleaning oil […]

How to Clean Teak Furniture

Stain Solver is a fantastic cleaner for any outdoor teak furniture. It removes the sun-damaged gray wood fibers as well as sun-damaged stains and clear finishes but doesn’t harm the wood or nearby expensive landscaping. Here are a few before, during and after photos of our own teak table out on our deck. The step-by-step […]

Remove Oil From Concrete

Remove Oil From Concrete – It’s Not Too Hard You can remove: oil transmission fluid power steering fluid antifreeze other automotive chemicals from concrete using Stain Solver and some great liquid dish soap. Stain Solver is a fantastic oil remover, be SURE TO WATCH the end of the video looking at how well Stain Solver […]

Clean Silicone Ear Plugs

Clean Silicone Ear Plugs Using Stain Solver You can clean silicone earplugs using Stain Solver. How Do You Clean the Ear Plugs? I mixed 8 ounces of hot water with 1 tablespoon of Stain Solver powder. I stirred it up for about 20 seconds. Do You Just Soak the Ear Plugs? Yes, I just soaked […]