How to Clean Algae Off Pavers

Watch this video to see how to clean algae from an outdoor patio or any outdoor natural stone. The cleaning process is the same no matter what the material is made from.

Stain Solver will clean algae from:

  • concrete pavers
  • real paving brick
  • bluestone
  • limestone
  • granite
  • cobblestones
  • slate
  • flagstone
  • regular concrete

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How Does Stain Solver Work to Clean Patio Pavers?


Clean Wood Deck

Clean Wood Deck – Use Certified Organic Stain Solver

“Stain Solver rules!!! Check out these photos of my deck that I just cleaned using Stain Solver. Love seeing the product in action as it bubbles. I took these photos – feel free to use them in any medium to show the power of stain solver. Get it wet, spray it on, let it sit, scrub, and rinse – that simple.”Todd

clean wood deck
Todd would have had less work to do had he NOT gotten the deck wet first. We RECOMMEND applying the Stain Solver solution to dry wood in the shade. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.
clean wood deck
Look at the dramatic difference! Stain Solver does NOT remove the natural color from your wood. It’s easy to get results like this using Stain Solver. The average deck job requires 4.5 pounds. CLICK or TAP HERE to order now.

How To Clean a Wood Deck Using Stain Solver:

  • Mix one cup of Stain Solver per gallon of warm or hot water – stir until dissolved completely
  • Apply the solution to the DRY wood deck in the shade – the solution soaks in deeper in dry wood
  • Allow the solution to soak for 15-30 minutes – add more solution as needed to keep the decking wet
  • Scrub with a good scrub brush, rinse and allow to dry


How Does Stain Solver Clean a Wood Deck?

Watch this video to see how Stain Solver cleans anything:

Clean Brick Floors

Tanya's Brick Floor

Tanya’s Brick Floor

Tanya recently purchased some Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach to try and clean her 1951 brick floors.

As you can see from her photo above, it worked. In Tanya’s email, she stated:

[Stain Solver] did an amazing job on the brick floors. They had not been cleaned since 1951. Before on the left. This was just the first scrubbing.

I just brought another one today. I’ve used it on stains in laundry and the yellowing on white sheets.

Works amazingly.

Thanks, Tanya, for sharing your Stain Solver story and the great before and after photo.

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Clean Slate Floor

Clean Slate Floor With Stain Solver

You can clean a slate floor with Stain Solver.

Look at these amazing before, during, and after photos of a slate floor.

My German Shephard dog Lady was a sloppy eater! It didn’t take her long to make the floor a mess.

I just mixed 1/2 cup of Stain Solver powder in 64 ounces of hot water. I stirred it until it was dissolved and poured the solution onto the slate.

I let the solution work on its own for about 15 minutes before I scrubbed it.

After scrubbing, I rinsed with clear water and look at the gorgeous slate!

dirty slate floor
This is the messy slate floor. Lady the dog was anything but a lady when eating! Copyright 2018 Stain Solver

stain solver on slate
I poured the solution onto the slate and you can see it bubbling. You want a generous amount on the slate. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver

The solution has been on for about 15 minutes. Note how there’s a generous amount of solution on the slate. The longer you allow it to bubble and work on its own, the LESS you need to scrub. You can let it soak for as long as an hour if you want. Add more if it soaks in. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver

Look at the amazing clean slate floor. Stain Solver does a great job of cleaning the grout too. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver

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Here’s the guilty party:

Lady hated having her photo taken. We had to send her back to Heaven. CLICK HERE to read all about her wonderful life.

Clean Armchair Arm Covers

clean armchair covers
The dirty cover is on the left. The clean one is on the right. The difference is striking. Remember, Stain Solver is color and fabric safe. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

Clean Armchair Arm Covers Fast

Jean lives in Bradenton, Florida. No matter how well you clean your arms and hands each day, you still can get body oil and dirt on the protective armchair arm covers.

Jean keeps her covers looking like brand new by just soaking them in a solution of Stain Solver for several hours before adding them to a load of normal laundry.

Look at the dramatic before and after photos:

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The dirty arm cover is at the top. Look at the CLEAN one below. Note how bright the colors are! Stain Solver is color and fabric safe. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

Remove Baked On Grease

Remove Baked On Grease With Stain Solver

You can remove baked on grease with minimal scrubbing if you soak your item in a solution of Stain Solver.

It will NOT harm stainless steel pots, pans, cookie sheets or chromed oven racks.

Do NOT use Stain Solver with aluminum as the pure oxygen in the Stain Solver will darken the aluminum.

Soaking Breaks Down Grease

The key is to soak the items. I simply put hot water in my sink, just enough to cover the item and then pour in about one cup of Stain Solver.

WATCH this video demonstrating the Stain Solver bubbles softening the grease:

Step-by-Step Photos of Baked On Grease Removal

Look at these photos to see the magic of Stain Solver:

baked on grease
Here’s my medium-sized frying pan with years of baked on grease on the outside. The polished surface would be RUINED and SCRATCHED if you used a rough scouring pad. Stain Solver softens the hard grease so it’s easy to remove with a gentle Dobie Pad. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

baked on grease removal
I use a simple metal cooling rack in the sink. This elevates the bottom of the pan so it’s surrounded by water filled with trillions of tiny oxygen bubbles that attack the baked on grease. NOTE the tiny bumps of metal that create the feet. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

baked on grease removal
Hot water is filling the sink as the cooling rack awaits the Stain Solver powder and pan. I only put in enough water so it comes to the TOP lip of the frying pan. Less water means you use less Stain Solver. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

remove baked on grease
Here’s Stain Solver. It’s a certified organic powder you pour into the hot water. Trillions of oxygen bubbles immediately start to attack the evil baked on grease! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Pour Powder Into Hot Water

remove baked on grease stainless steel
I’m pouring about one cup of Stain Solver into the HOT water. No need to stir it. It’s time to put the pan in the magic solution! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

remove baked on grease stainless steel
The pan is in the HOT water and the Stain Solver bubbles are scrubbing the baked on grease on the sides and bottom of the pan. I put water in the pan so it stays flat on the cooling rack. I like to let it soak for three hours before starting to remove the grease. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

remove baked on grease stainless steel
I use Dobie Pads to gently remove the softened grease. These pads will NOT scratch polished stainless steel. CLICK HERE or THIS PHOTO to have Dobie Pads delivered to your home.

remove baked on grease stainless steel
The pan soaked for three hours. It’s now time to scrub with the Dobie pad. I often add some Cameo Stainless Steel cleaning powder so I don’t have to scrub too hard. CLICK HERE or THE PHOTO to have Cameo Stainless Steel cleaner delivered to your door. It’s a fantastic product I’ve used for years.

clean baked on grease
Here’s the finished pan. I let it soak another two hours after scrubbing it for the first three hours. Tough baked on grease can take multiple soakings, but you can see it’s worth it. Stain Solver is REMARKABLE, it’s ORGANIC, it’s SAFE and it will remove baked on grease from all your cookware! CALL US with questions! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

stain solver

Roof Algae Cleaning with Stain Solver

Roof Algae Cleaning with Stain Solver

Algae covered roof BEFORE

Cleaned roof AFTER Stain Solver

“We ordered some Stain Solver last week to use on roof algae. I have been looking at it over 2 years wondering how to get rid of it and came across your product when searching the Internet.

Today I got up there and worked over 3 large areas using your product, a small sprayer and a deck brush with long handle following the directions provided About 1-1/2 hours later my roof looked great.

Your product was awesome and did just what I was hoping for. 100% satisfaction. Thanks so much!”

The Turners

Your roof looks great. Thank you for sharing your roof cleaning story and photographs.

Grout Cleaning with Stain Solver

Grout Cleaning with Stain Solver

Meaghan’s BEFORE grout cleaning

Meaghan’s grout AFTER cleaning with Stain Solver

Here is Meaghan’s story behind the pictures shown below of her tile floor.

“My “light grey” grout was at least 15-years-old and never sealed.

I cleaned it with everything, including a bleach pen, to no avail.

I couldn’t believe how the Stain Solver solution, with a grout brush, could make such a difference!”

– Meaghan

Thanks for sharing your story and your before and after grout photos.

Cedar Siding Maintenance Cleaning with Stain Solver

Cedar Siding Maintenance Cleaning with Stain Solver

BEFORE – Photo credit: Peter Weinberg

AFTER – Photo credit: Peter Weinberg

Peter W. shared his remarkable before and after photos of his cedar siding. It needed some TLC maintenance and cleaning.

Here is Peter’s email …

“This is a before and after picture of a small section of our cedar sided house which became black from an older stain and mildew.

We mixed 4 scoops of stain solver in 2 gallons of warm water and applied it with a garden sprayer. Scrubbed and rinsed off. We followed the cleaning with a wood brightener to restore the cedar to like new.

The rest of the house will follow!”

Thanks for sharing your great photos of your cedar siding and its cleaning with Stain Solver.