Certified Organic Oxygen Bleach

Certified Organic Oxygen Bleach | Stain Solver is the One

Stain Solver is one of the few, if not the only, certified organic oxygen bleach.

It contains just two ingredients, both sourced in the USA. 

The active ingredient in Stain Solver is made with food-grade raw materials registered with the Federal Drug Administration.


stain solver

Not All Cleaners are Certified Organic

Most cleaners are not certified organic. They may say they’re green, eco-friendly, or some other soft and fuzzy words. Those don’t mean they’re certified.

Great Results When Certified

Certified organic usually means that you’ll get better performance. Look at these before and after photos:

baseball cap cleaning
Curtis’ hat before cleaning with Stain Solver
baseball cap cleaned
Curtis’ hat after cleaning with Stain Solver

Clean Coffee Stains From Mug

Use certified organic Stain Solver to clean coffee and tea stains from mugs.

The mug below had horrible stains from a cinnamon tea. It’s MUCH HARDER to remove this tea than coffee.

Look at the before, during and after photos. Behold the power of Stain Solver!

Clean Coffee Stains From Mug With Stain Solver

tea stained mug
This is the mug stained with the horrible cinnamon tea. It’s much harder to remove this tea stain than easy coffee. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter
clean tea stained mug
I filled the mug just short of the brim with HOT tap water. I’m now dumping in 1/4 teaspoon of Stain Solver. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter
clean tea mug
I didn’t stir the Stain Solver. I just took this photo after dumping in the powder. The white you see are TRILLIONS of oxygen ions starting to break apart the tea stain. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter
clean tea mug
I waited two hours, came back and DUMPED OUT the solution into the sink. I did NOT scrub the mug. The Stain Solver did all the work. The tea stain at the top is only there because I wanted to show you the dramatic side-by-side difference. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter


How to Open Stain Solver Bucket Lid

How to Open Stain Solver Bucket Lid

Watch this short video that shows you how to open the wonderful gamma-seal lid that comes with the 5-gallon pail of Stain Solver.

We use the gamma-seal lid because people love how easy it is to open and reseal as they use Stain Solver.

#EasyHack – If you want to open the lid FAST, pull counterclockwise on one of the sections of the cross with the hand that’s NOT holding the hammer. As you pull on that leg and the hammer taps another one, both counterclockwise, you’ll have the lid open in less than 10 seconds.


This page is dedicated to Ms. Monica Pare who asked this very obvious question and we didn’t have this page ready for her. Thanks Monica!

Stain Solver Quick-Start Guide

Stain Solver Quick Start Guide

Stain Solver is a certified organic powdered oxygen bleach. You mix it with warm or hot water to create a solution that cleans just about anything water washable.

Use the following quick start guide to get fast and easy results when using Stain Solver:

  • Always use warm or hot tap water to mix the Stain Solver powder
  • Mix these quantities with water for the best solution
  • Stir the water and powder for two minutes – be sure all the powder is dissolved
  • Saturate surfaces with plenty of solution
  • Work in the shade or cooler parts of the day if outside
  • Soak stained garments for at least three or four hours, then wash in your machine

CALL US if you have any difficulty and we’ll help you on the phone!

1-513-407-8727, M-F 9:00am – 2:00pm EST

clean slate grout
Meaghan’s grout in her slate floor AFTER cleaning with Stain Solver.

stain solver certified organic

Clean Quilt Stains


Yellow mysterious quilt stains were bothering Jani Bennett who lives in Turner, Oregon.

Clean Quilt Stains

She tried all sorts of cleaners and none worked. Then she discovered Stain Solver.

“Gosh I discovered Stain Solver is a great product. I’m a huge quilter and for some reason my stark-white quilts were having yellow stains on them just out of no where. I tried every thing to remove them nothing worked. I found Stain Solver and it took the stains right out. So if any one asks about quilts, it worked on mine. Thank you! Jani Bennett”

Here are photos Jani sent to me:

quilt stains
You can see the ugly yellow stain at the corner of the quilt. Copyright 2017 Stain Solver
quilt stains
Look at the difference! It’s pure white and the colors in the quilt are brilliant. Copyright 2017 Stain Solver

stain solver



Diaper Washing and Stripping – Easy with Certified Organic Stain Solver

Diaper Washing and Stripping – Easy with Certified Organic Stain Solver

Diaper washing couldn’t be easier using Stain Solver.

When it comes to cleaning any clothes, Stain Solver works best as a pre-soaking agent.

Watch the following video and realize it’s the SAME PROCESS as you see me do with the iced tea strainer.

Your job is to just make up a Stain Solver solution in a bucket and allow the diapers to soak for hours before washing them.

SUCCESS TIPS When Diaper Washing:

  • Use HOT tap water to make the Stain Solver solution in the bucket
  • Stir the Stain Solver into the water for a minute
  • Add the diapers being sure to first remove any solid baby waste
  • Allow diapers to SOAK for up to five hours before putting in washing machine
  • Follow all Use Instructions
diaper washing
Here’s the 2.2-pound size in a stunning clear 32-oz jar.

This page is dedicated to Cynthia Ridenour. She must be doing what we did with our first child – only a guess as I’ve not talked with her.

Safe to Use Stain Solver Around Trees, Shrubs and Grass

It’s safe to use Stain Solver around trees, shrubs and grass.

When you mix the certified organic Stain Solver powder with water, all you get is:

  • more water
  • free oxygen
  • natural soda ash
safe to use stain solver
Here’s the 2.2-pound size in a stunning clear 32-oz jar.

Safe To Use Stain Solver

The oxygen helps the trees, shrubs and grass when it soaks in the ground.

If you’re at all worried, just rinse any Stain Solver solution off the plants after you use it.

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  • Mix Stain Solver with hot tap water
  • Stir until dissolved
  • Apply to dry surfaces for best results

Approved Scrub Brush for Outdoor Work

This page is dedicated to Gerald Schmidt who wants to be sure all his plants and trees don’t suffer as they would had he used chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is TOXIC to all outdoor plants.

Clean Coffee Stains in Carpet Using Stain Solver

Clean Coffee Stains in Carpet Using Stain Solver

It’s very easy to clean coffee stains in carpet.

Watch the video below showing how I use it to clean floor tile grout.

It’s the SAME PROCESS to clean coffee stains out of carpet with one exception:

Instead of scrubbing the carpet, you just BLOT the stained area after allowing the Stain Solver solution to work.

Clean Coffee Stains Success Tips:

  • Use hot tap water to mix the Stain Solver solution
  • Stir the solution for no less than two minutes to ensure all powder is dissolved
  • Wet the carpet fibers well and allow the solution to work for up to 15 minutes
  • Blot, rinse and blot again
  • WARNING: Do not use Stain Solver on natural wool carpeting that’s never been dyed. It will discolor the wool.

Spot Cleaning Advice:

When you spot clean carpet using Stain Solver, it’s so powerful it will deep clean the carpet.

You may think the Stain Solver has faded the carpet or bleached it out.

Look at the carpet under furniture that’s never been walked on or inside a closet to see the carpet’s original color.

The Stain Solver will make the spot you clean look like that.

If the carpet is lighter in color in the spot you cleaned, you’ll have to pretreat the entire carpet with Stain Solver and shampoo as you would to normally clean it.

This page is dedicated to Marcia McIntyre. She must have a friend, co-worker or relative who spilled coffee on their carpet. Macia is just trying to help them.

Clean Cement Using Stain Solver

Clean Cement Using Stain Solver

It’s easy to clean cement using Stain Solver.

Watch the two videos below to see the techniques to employ.

Even though I’m not cleaning actual cement, the PROCESS IS THE SAME.

Step One: Apply the Stain Solver as you see me squirt in on the railing and decking.

Step Two: After allowing the Stain Solver to soak on the cement, then SCRUB and rinse it.

Clean Cement Success Tips:

  • Be sure the cement is dry
  • Work in the early part of the day when the concrete is cool and in the shade
  • Keep the cement very wet with the solution for up to three hours before scrubbing for best results

This page is dedicated to Amy Grilliot who had a cheap welcome mat stain her cement porch. Amy, you’ll have that cement looking new in no time using Stain Solver!


Expiration Date for Stain Solver

Expiration Date for Stain Solver

The expiration date, or shelf life, for Stain Solver is a moving target.

expiration date stain solver
Here’s the 2.2-pound size in a stunning clear 32-oz jar.

Stain Solver can have an indefinite shelf life if you keep the product cold and the lid tightly sealed.

Heat and humidity degrade Stain Solver. If you store Stain Solver outdoors in the hot Arizona sun, it can degrade in just a few months.

If you store the Stain Solver powder in a freezer, it can last for many years.

Store Stain Solver in a cool dry location for the longest shelf life.

Prevent Caking of Stain Solver

Humidity in the container can caused caking. The water vapor in the air can begin to react with the active ingredient in the container.

If you open a container of Stain Solver and you live in a humid climate, put the open container of Stain Solver in your refrigerator with the lid off. Close the refrigerator door and come back an hour later and put the lid on while the container is still on the refrigerator shelf.

This will ensure dry air is capped inside the container instead of the humid room-temperature air in the rest of your home.

This page is dedicated to Al Pusnik. He wanted to know how to make his Stain Solver last for a long time. He must lead a clean, pure and simple life to not go through it faster! 😉