President’s Day Stain Solver Sale

I shared the following in my Ask the Builder newsletter on Sunday. I thought you might chuckle too:

George Washington and Abe Lincoln!

Here’s another photo to gaze at:

clean burnt metal pot

This is a metal pot. The black stain is from milk. How’s that possible?

Easy – turn on the burner to heat it up, walk away and get distracted. You can also melt plastic birds on tea pots the same way.

CLICK OR TAP HERE to see the metal pot after it soaked in Stain Solver.

What does this have to do with George and Abe?

Both former presidents drank lots of milk, and Abe had a glass of chocolate milk each night with two pecan cookies. Don’t believe the unfounded and ugly rumors about him and Disaronno. Not for a second.

What’s more, how do you think George got his muslin frock clean after splattering it with cherry juice when he cut down his Dad’s favorite tree?

He used STAIN SOLVER of course! He also used Stain Solver to get the mud stains off his pants after crossing the Delaware River. The infantry of the Continental Army using Stain Solver to clean their uniforms in hot water pots hanging over campfires is a story oft told at West Point.

Abe wore white shirts when he did his legal work for the Rock Island Railroad. He routinely got black ink on his sleeves because he hated wearing sleeve socks. Abe’s wife Mary loved to use Stain Solver to keep her man’s work shirts looking like new!

Thomas Jefferson told his admirals to use STAIN SOLVER to get algae off Old Ironsides before they finally switched to copper plates. He wanted the ship to look its best before he dispatched it to kick the Barbary Pirates’ butts. But I digress.

Wait, wait … I worry you think I’m being mendacious. Tsk tsk.

Let’s celebrate Presidents Day with the new the PRESIDENTS WOULD HAVE LOVED STAIN SOLVER SALE!

Stain Solver is a multi-purpose certified organic cleaner. CLICK OR TAP HERE to see my all-time FAVORITE before/after photos sent in by a customer.

Use the following promo code to get 10% off any purchase greater than $25.00.


You also get FREE SHIPPING to the four commonwealths plus the other 44 states that are all bunched up next to one another.

The sale ends in one week. I’ll be sending out reminder emails, but realize that quantities of the size you want are LIMITED. We only have so many boxed at the fulfillment center – I’m telling you the truth about this!

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Stain Solver Winter Sale

It’s time for the FIRST Annual Old Man Winter Sale!

The sale starts NOW. It ENDS on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at midnight Eastern Time.

You can get 10% off ANY purchase greater than $25.00

Now’s the time to get that 9-pounder you’ve bragged to your neighbors about.

Or, go all in. Get a 50-pounder. WOOT!

Did you know that we have quite a few customers who buy a 50-pound size and split it with their friends and co-workers. Yes, it seems nuts, but it’s true.

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Realize that quantities of each size ARE LIMITED.

Yes, there are only SO MANY of each size at the fulfillment center. We can’t just make more the next day. Long story.

Thus, if you want to make sure YOU get the size YOU WANT, then by gosh order NOW.

Peace Out,

Tim and Kathy Carter

Flash Sale – Must Act Now

Happy Friday.

We MUST reduce the number of 2.2-pound sizes of Stain Solver at the fulfillment center.

Use the promo code below now to get 10% off and FREE SHIPPING to anyplace in the contiguous 48 USA states and commonwealths – yes, there are four commonwealths mixed in the 48. Bet you didn’t know that!

Promo Code: 2020

This FLASH SALE ends in HOURS. (Editor’s Note: The sale ended 01/06/2020.)

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Remember, this FLASH SALE only applies to the 2.2-pound size. You can buy more than one, but we recommend you don’t buy more than four at once.


Tim & Kathy Carter

August 10, 2019 Newsletter – Pressure Washer

You may wonder if you can use Stain Solver with a pressure washer similar to this one.

You probably want to know if you can put our Stain Solver in that plastic tank behind the black hose.
pressure washer

We don’t recommend using Stain Solver in pressure washer soap dispenser tanks for a few great reasons.

We created a page on the Stain Solver website sharing the best practices when using a pressure washer.

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how to use Stain Solver with a pressure washer.

Do you have questions? CLICK or TAP HERE so we can answer them.

Tim & Kathy Carter
Stain Solver Founders

Stain Solver Cleaning Tips

Your Stain Solver order might have arrived or it’s soon to arrive.

You can get the absolute best results when using Stain Solver by using it just as you clean other things.

Let’s think about it. How do you get clean in the shower or a tub? You rub your skin with your hands, a cloth, or a brush.

How does your washing machine get your clothes clean? The clothes rub and tumble against one another inside the drum.

How does your car get clean? You probably rub it with a sponge or the automatic car wash has soft brushes that rub against the paint.

To get things clean with Stain Solver, you need to do the same. You need to rub the surface with a sponge, or a brush, or something else that creates agitation.

It’s that simple to get professional results!

Do you have questions? CLICK or TAP HERE so we can answer them.

Tim & Kathy Carter
Stain Solver Founders

June 29, 2018 New Video

Clue: 🚚 & 🚗 Scat

I’ve got another new video for you.

It’s important to realize I’ve got a limited selection of the clue emoticons in the subject line, so bear with me. Thanks for your understanding!

Do you have ANY oil or grease stain on ANYTHING outdoors?

It could be concrete, your deck, your patio, etc.

Watch my LATEST VIDEO to see how you and I together would clean up the oil or grease if I was able to visit you on a fine summer day!

Please pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the end of the video when I talk about how Stain Solver is a fantastic oil remover. Wait until you see the BEFORE & AFTER scenes in the video.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the new video.

Thanks for your support and trust.

Tim & Kathy Carter

P.S. I’m going to try to record cleaning algae from house siding next week as well as removing red wine from carpeting.

June 25, 2019 Newsletter

💺& 💰

Forgive us if you feel the clues are misleading. The choices available in this newsletter software are not as great as they might be.

The first clue is a chair or seat. That one makes sense for the first video. You’ll see why when you watch how I make Outdoor Furniture Cushions look like NEW.

Keep in mind you can clean ANY outdoor furniture, fabric, boat cushion, etc. with Stain Solver. If rain can get on it, Stain Solver can and WILL make it look like new.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the unbelievable transformation of my own gross outdoor chair cushion.

The Second Clue

Cleaning a money bag? Well, it will work for that too, but I was trying to find a bucket or a pail and had no luck.

You can SAVE a bag full of sweet moola when you do purchase Stain Solver in a 5-gallon bucket. That’s a fact.

You get the best price per pound when you make that purchase. It’s perfect for your office or business and you can buy it that size to split up with friends or family.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see a brand new video showing how easy it is to OPEN the remarkable screw-off gamma-seal lid.

Yes, the Stain Solver 5-gallon pails have a wonderful REUSABLE screw-on-and-off lid so you can use the pail for who-knows-what after it’s empty.

The 4th of July is right around the corner! Do you have cleaning chores for that picnic?

What about mildewed camping stuff or coolers? Stain Solver works GREAT to clean all those things.

Have a great rest of your week.

Tim & Kathy Carter
Stain Solver Founders

Drink Coffee or Tea?

Happy Friday!

Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you drink it from a china or an insulated mug you might take around with you?

Have you noticed how tea and coffee STAIN your mugs everything else including dentures should you wear them?

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how FAST and EASY it is to make your mugs (and dentures) look like NEW!!

Have a great weekend!

Tim & Kathy Carter
Founders –