July 27, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

Help a Friend | Sale Ends | Pressure Washers

Do you remember the last time a friend, neighbor, relative, or co-worker shared a tip with you that solved a problem?

You were pretty grateful, weren’t you?

It’s never been easier to share tips, especially if you use any form of social media. One we use is NextDoor.

Just last week, a homeless young man needed a job and a roof over his head. He’d been camping out. Within a day, he was in a new apartment and had a few job offers. Wow!

Do you belong to a Facebook group? There are hundreds of thousands of them, heck, maybe millions! If you have a specific pet, you can rest assured there’s a group about that animal, bird or fish.

Every conceivable hobby has a group on Facebook.

Did you know there are cleaning groups? Yes, folks just like you who LOVE to clean things share tips there. You might discover something new in that group that will help you.

Or, you may share with the group how STAIN SOLVER removed this or that stain! This is one reason it’s so important for you to start taking before and after photos. Please share them with us too!

Perhaps you do Instagram or Pinterest or ??? Share your STAIN SOLVER success stories there and help one of your followers!

Not everyone knows about STAIN SOLVER and you’ll be doing them a great favor!

Pressure Washers & STAIN SOLVER

Robert asked us yesterday if he could use STAIN SOLVER in his pressure washer. As you might suspect, we’ve answered that question before.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how we suggest using STAIN SOLVER with a pressure washer.


Remember, the current SALE ends in just a few days. The five gallon pails are selling like crazy as we thought they would. It’s your BEST BUY per pound by far.

Promo Code: KT5

CLICK or TAP HERE to order.

Tim and Kathy Carter

July 23, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

We’re very happy to announce you can now purchase ALL SIZES of STAIN SOLVER.

We will start to SHIP the product to you late next week. Be aware of that, please.

Use this promo code to take away some of the sting of the inflationary price increase:


The promo code will only work for one week.

ATTENTION to SS50 folks:

We only made 279 of the five-gallon pails.

Moments after we opened the cart back up two hours ago, a man in eastern Massachusetts bought TWO of them!

I’m going to announce this SALE to my 31,000 Ask the Builder newsletter subscribers on Sunday.

How many five-gallon pails will they buy?

Get the point?

If you WANT a five-gallon pail, ORDER RIGHT NOW. I actually feel we could sell out of them in the next seven days.

Thanks SO MUCH for your patience is these trying times!

Tim & Kathy Carter

July 21, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

It’s been a busy morning here at STAIN SOLVER.

An email storm has been raging all day with me (Tim) going back and forth with the STAIN SOLVER contract packager and the trucking company.

If all goes well, and it appears it will, all of the manufacturing will be complete by this Friday (July 22, 2021). The following Monday morning, just five days from now, nearly 20 pallets of boxed product will be put into the bowels of a 53-foot covered semi-tractor trailer.

It will scurry south to Knoxville, TN arriving there in about nine hours.

Once the pallets are unloaded at the receiving dock on Tuesday, it takes 48 hours to process them. At that point, they’re ready for shipping labels so they can be delivered to your doorstep.

This means on Friday, July 30th, we should be able to ship them out to you! That said, it could be as late as Monday, August 2nd, if there’s a minor hiccup in the above process.

We’ve decided to re-open the shopping cart this Friday, July 23rd, and take orders.

It’s important to realize, you won’t get a shipping email for at least a week after you order, and you might not get your order until August 7-10th.

Are you good with that delayed shipping scenario?

If so, then place your order this Friday so you make sure you get the size you want.

We will have a promo code on Friday for you to help relieve most of the inflationary price increase.

Why You Should React?

We manufacture 20,000 pounds at a time. This time, we decided to make the most five gallon pails in the history of the company – 279.

That’s 12,555 pounds of product!

Because you’re a valued customer, we’re sharing the sale with you FIRST. On Sunday, I’ll share it with the tens of thousands of my Ask the Builder newsletter subscribers.

Is this starting to make sense? How many hundreds of orders for STAIN SOLVER might we get just from the Ask the Builder subscribers?

If you want a 5-gallon pail of STAIN SOLVER, you should order on Friday as soon as we reach out to you.

If we sell 200 of these in the first few days of the sale, we’ll immediately proceed to manufacture another 20,000 pounds, and dedicate the entire batch to nothing but the SS50 SKU. That means we’ll end up with 435 new pails of STAIN SOLVER.

But here’s the rub. Even if I start the process to make that new batch next Tuesday, it would be the end of August before those 435 pails would be at the fulfillment center in Knoxville, TN.

Bottom Line: Watch for an email from us on Friday.

Thanks for your unending patience and let’s hope we never again run out of product to sell. What a nightmare it’s been the past three months!

Tim & Kathy Carter

July 11, 2021 Stain Solver Stuff

Meredith the Woman, not Where We Live!

Not a week goes by that we don’t get an email or phone call from a customer like you.

Just days ago, we heard from Meredith. Here’s what she sent:

“Yes, I’ve been spreading the word about STAIN SOLVER. I was just talking about it with my brother today. I should have taken some pictures of two white tank tops I was going to throw out until I soaked them in a strong solution of STAIN SOLVER. Now they look like new. Amazing!”

Yes, Meredith, STAIN SOLVER is amazing.

A day before that, I (Tim) was on the phone with a very active customer. She cuts grass, rides her bike 80 miles a week, and evidently doesn’t like to waste time eating. Neither do I.

When you eat fast, accidents happen. STAIN SOLVER saves all her tops and blouses. WOOT!

But STAIN SOLVER is much more than just the best laundry additive known to woman or man!

You can use it to clean ANYTHING water washable.

Paul uses it to clean all the teak on the expensive large boats his customers put it his trust.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see what Paul has to say about STAIN SOLVER. If you own a boat, I urge you to read Paul’s words of wisdom. He’s been restoring boats for over 30 years.

Tell us your STAIN SOLVER story. Even more so, we’d LOVE to see your before/after photos.

Just REPLY to this email and tell us the thing(s) you’ve saved with STAIN SOLVER.

Thanks in advance!

Tim & Kathy Carter

P.S. Kathy and I live in Meredith, NH.

July 8, 2021 Stain Solver News

It’s been way too long since we’ve been in your Inbox. We apologize.

That’s about to change in a big way as we’re taking lessons from L.L. Bean.

We’ve got lots of news. Most of it is good, some is bad.

Let’s start with the good news:

Our contract packaging partner is just about to do a batch of 20,000 pounds of STAIN SOLVER. This process started almost THREE MONTHS AGO. Normally, the process to make new STAIN SOLVER is no more than five weeks.

We hope to have the product ready to ship to you from the new Knoxville, TN fulfillment center by July 20th. It could be a few days after that.

We’re devoting 12,555 pounds of that to our SS50 SKU. Do that math and you’ll see it’s only 279 pails.

Our SS50 size is by far the BEST BUY per pound.

Remember, if you freeze or keep STAIN SOLVER cold, it lasts indefinitely.

We added a new page to the STAIN SOLVER website yesterday. It’s got dramatic before/after photos of how to clean ANY wood implement, bowl, cutting board, etc. in your kitchen. Remember, if it’s WOOD, you can make it look brand new with STAIN SOLVER.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the amazing photos.

Now for the bad news.

Supply-chain disruption of just about all the things we need has extended the time to make the product. We normally buy all our bottles, buckets and lids from just one company in Chicago. This time we had to go to three companies, one as far away as Philadelphia!

We use custom-made cardboard boxes so your STAIN SOLVER survives the crushing log jams on the UPS and FedEx conveyor belts. These normally take days to make once ordered. This time it was three weeks.

The active ingredient in STAIN SOLVER requires haz-mat drivers to transport it from the manufacturer to our contract packager. There was a shortage of these drivers in the region where the active ingredient is made. This has NEVER HAPPENED in the 26 years we’ve purchased the raw material.

The cost of every aspect of providing STAIN SOLVER to you has gone up. One of the biggest reasons I’ve heard from ALL of my suppliers and the actual contract packager that blends and packages the product is:

The US Government handing out FREE MONEY to people has made it nearly impossible to get workers. People would rather stay at home and watch TV than come to work. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

This means all the companies that make our bottles, lids, labels, cardboard boxes, etc. have to OFFER HIGHER WAGES to attract workers. They’re also having to pay higher prices for raw materials.

They pass this expense on to us.

The huge shipping companies like UPS and FedEx are now running close to or AT FULL CAPACITY each week now. It used to be this just happened in December. Online purchasing because of the pandemic was responsible for most of this surge in shipping.

In other words, shipping costs are going up.

For us to stay in business and continue to offer you the BEST certified organic oxygen bleach in the USA, we are forced to raise our prices.

We will be having a PRE-SALE in days. We will offer a promo code to take all the sting out of the price increase.

We don’t want to start the PRE-SALE until such time as we can GUARANTEE when your order will ship out of Knoxville. We should know that by early next week.

You’ll hear from us soon about the PRE-SALE.

Thanks for your continued trust and business.

Tim & Kathy Carter

Dwell Time – More Means Less

Stain Solver Pro Tip #3

We wanted to share another tip that bubbled to the surface from last-week’s survey.

You may be one that shared having a bit of trouble getting great results with STAIN SOLVER.

It’s All About Dwell Time

Dwell Time – that’s a fancy phrase for the amount of time you soak an item or keeping the surface you want to clean WET with the STAIN SOLVER solution.

The longer you allow the solution to DWELL and work on its own, the LESS work you have to do.

This dwell time can be up to six hours!


1. Always apply the STAIN SOLVER solution to a dry surface. If the surface is WET, the solution can’t soak into the pores to do deep cleaning.

2. Make sure the STAIN SOLVER solution doesn’t evaporate. Work in the shade if outdoors.

What questions do you have? Allow us to answer them!

Tim and Kathy Carter
Founders – www.StainSolver.com

How to Get it to Dissolve FAST!

This is part two of a short series of emails resulting from the packaging survey you may have filled out a few days ago.

Dissolving Blues

You may be one of our customers that has issues getting STAIN SOLVER to dissolve.

Let’s go back in time to your high school chemistry class. I remember my chemistry teacher, Mr. Fuchs. His younger brother was in my class.

One of the experiments we had to do was measure the time it took to dissolve some crystals in water. It might have been copper sulfate.

We had to try to dissolve the crystals in ice water, room temperature water, and boiling hot water.

To make a long story short, the crystals dissolved the fastest in the boiling water. It took forever and ever to get some of them to dissolve in the ice water. I’m sure you’ve had the same issue trying to get sugar to dissolve in iced tea, right?

STAIN SOLVER is the same. You can get it to dissolve MUCH FASTER if you simply use hot water when you mix it up. When I use HOT tap water, it takes no more than one minute of stirring to get it all to dissolve.

PRO TIP: If you don’t get all the STAIN SOLVER to dissolve, you’re just cleaning with WATER and dilute STAIN SOLVER. You need to completely dissolve all the powder to get the magic cleaning powers to come to life.

If you’re using STAIN SOLVER to remove grass or blood stains, you can mix it in HOT water and then add some ice cubes to cool the solution back down so you don’t set those stains.

Questions? Let us know!

Tim and Kathy Carter

Stain Solver Survey Feedback Part One

A few days ago, you may have participated in an eye-opening experience for us. You filled out the survey about packaging options we’re considering. We’ll be addressing the results as soon as we get all of them in.

We were STUNNED by the survey results. They were not what we expected. But even more so, you may have shared other things with us that are just as important.

You spoke and we’re listening. This email is part one of a series we’re going to send out to address your feedback. Your comments were more valuable than gold itself.

Why is STAIN SOLVER So Expensive?

Here are a few representative comments we received about the cost of STAIN SOLVER:

“Reduce the price.”
“Needs to be less expensive.”

I think you get the picture. We want to address the cost issue because we feel you may not be aware of all that’s in play.

1. Stain Solver is the most expensive oxygen bleach you can buy because we put the most amount of expensive active ingredient in it than our competitors. This means you need to use more of the also-ran products to get the same result you get with a smaller amount of STAIN SOLVER. You may think you’re saving money with a competitive product, but you could be spending more. You may be using TOO MUCH STAIN SOLVER to clean things. Start trying to experiment and use less and less to see if you get the desired result. STAIN SOLVER is ultra-concentrated.

2. The costs of manufacturing STAIN SOLVER, packaging it, and shipping it are going up each quarter. You’d be stunned by what we have to pay to ship the product to you. Our simple sample size, the 0.4-pounder, costs over $4 to ship and the price you pay for that product including shipping is just $11.95. Think of that. Over 33% of the cost is in shipping! And we’re getting the discounted commercial rate from the US Post Office. Shipping it by UPS or FedEx would cost a minimum of $8.00.

3. STAIN SOLVER gets cheaper the more you buy. If price is an issue for you, you might consider getting a larger size and freezing what you don’t need right away. When kept cold or even frozen, STAIN SOLVER can last indefinitely.

When you buy our 2.2-pound size, you pay $13.35 per pound. When you buy a 9.2-pound size, your cost per pound drops to $8.44. Purchase the 5-gallon container, and the price drops to just $3.46 per pound. WOWZA!

For years, we’ve absorbed many of the price increases of the containers, the double-corrugated shipping boxes, the manufacturing, etc. Shipping costs are going through the roof. Each time gasoline goes up at the pump for you, we get hit with a fuel surcharge by UPS or FedEx.

We’re doing everything possible to reduce costs to you, but it gets harder and harder each week.

Consider spreading the word to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc. and buy the 45-pound size. Split it up and you’ll be getting STAIN SOLVER for a price per pound almost as low as the poor-quality competitive products we have to fight against each day.

The next message you’ll get in a few days will deal with getting STAIN SOLVER to dissolve fast and with little effort. We’re going to remind you of your high school chemistry class and when you last had a glass of iced tea.

Thanks for your trust, your business, and your understanding of the challenges we face making sure STAIN SOLVER is available to you.

Tim and Kathy Carter

April 3, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

Get Out Your Magic Wand – Big Survey!

Holy Moly! It’s been months and months since we’ve reached out.

We apologize and hope all is well in your world.

We’ve been working hard during the past six months. There’s still much to do.


You can help us create the latest and greatest innovation in STAIN SOLVER in the past 25 years!

Please take this short survey. Your input is so valuable!

CLICK or TAP HERE and share your opinions and ideas.

It’s time to dust off that magic wand of yours!


Tim and Kathy Carter
Co-Founders – www.StainSolver.com

P.S. STAIN SOLVER is the best thing to clean magic wands, in case you didn’t know it.

September 19, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Do you still work in or for a business? Did you used to and are now retired?


I’m trying to sell more STAIN SOLVER to businesses.

I currently sell to quite a few varied ones, but I want to grow this part of the business.

Would you look at this new page on the STAIN SOLVER website and then would you do me a HUGE FAVOR and answer a few questions to HELP me?

CLICK or TAP HERE to answer a few easy questions that will help me get STAIN SOLVER in the hands of more businesses like yours or the one you work in.

Thanks so much!

Tim Carter