July 23, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

We’re very happy to announce you can now purchase ALL SIZES of STAIN SOLVER. We will start to SHIP the product to you late next week. Be aware of that, please. Use this promo code to take away some of the sting of the inflationary price increase: KT5 The promo code will only work for […]

July 21, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

It’s been a busy morning here at STAIN SOLVER. An email storm has been raging all day with me (Tim) going back and forth with the STAIN SOLVER contract packager and the trucking company. If all goes well, and it appears it will, all of the manufacturing will be complete by this Friday (July 22, […]

July 8, 2021 Stain Solver News

It’s been way too long since we’ve been in your Inbox. We apologize. That’s about to change in a big way as we’re taking lessons from L.L. Bean. We’ve got lots of news. Most of it is good, some is bad. Let’s start with the good news: Our contract packaging partner is just about to […]

Dwell Time – More Means Less

Stain Solver Pro Tip #3 We wanted to share another tip that bubbled to the surface from last-week’s survey. You may be one that shared having a bit of trouble getting great results with STAIN SOLVER. It’s All About Dwell Time Dwell Time – that’s a fancy phrase for the amount of time you soak […]

How to Get it to Dissolve FAST!

This is part two of a short series of emails resulting from the packaging survey you may have filled out a few days ago. Dissolving Blues You may be one of our customers that has issues getting STAIN SOLVER to dissolve. Let’s go back in time to your high school chemistry class. I remember my […]

April 3, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

Get Out Your Magic Wand – Big Survey! Holy Moly! It’s been months and months since we’ve reached out. We apologize and hope all is well in your world. We’ve been working hard during the past six months. There’s still much to do. But now WE NEED YOUR HELP. You can help us create the […]