How to Clean Algae Off Pavers

Watch this video to see how to clean algae from an outdoor patio or any outdoor natural stone. The cleaning process is the same no matter what the material is made from.

Stain Solver will clean algae from:

  • concrete pavers
  • real paving brick
  • bluestone
  • limestone
  • granite
  • cobblestones
  • slate
  • flagstone
  • regular concrete

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How Does Stain Solver Work to Clean Patio Pavers?


June 16, 2019 Newsletter

I was serious when I said I was trying to record TWO new videos each week. I recorded my second new video in the past two days.

Can you tell what this is:
green algae on patio
It’s green algae on an outdoor patio.

Do you have green algae on ANYTHING outdoors? I don’t care if it’s a patio, a kayak, furniture, house siding, etc.

Watch the newest video to see how to remove green algae from ANYTHING outdoors.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch my NEWEST video showing you in just seconds how to CLEAN algae from an outdoor patio.

What do you think of my signature blue shirt that’s supposed to match the Stain Solver logo color and feeling of clean?

I want to thank you for responding to my question in the last email blast.

I asked, “What new video(s) do you want me to record?

You may have responded with a great suggestion or two or three!

Please realize I may not be able to record the exact video you want because I may not own that thing. Thus it’s impossible to create the exact video you want.

For example, overnight Teri asked me how to clean boat cushions with black mildew spots.

I responded, “… I don’t have boat cushions so I can’t record that video. But I do out outdoor furniture cushions that have mold spots.

I recording that video this week. You mix, apply, let sit, scrub, rinse and dry. BOOM!”

Here’s the bottom line: If what you want to clean can accept WATER being put on it, then you can almost always have great success mixing up Stain Solver and using it as the cleaner.

The key is to apply the Stain Solver solution to a DRY surface and keep it WET with the solution for 15, 30, or even 60 minutes before SCRUBBING or rubbing.

The longer you allow Stain Solver to work on its own, the LESS you have to work.

More videos soon! Next up is cleaning the outdoor furniture cushion here at my house.

WHAT VIDEOS do you want me to record for you?


Tim Carter
Co-founder Stain Solver

June 14, 2019 Newsletter

I’ve been absent from your inbox for far too long.

In all seriousness, that’s about to end.

With your help, we’re going to supercharge the Stain Solver brand and business.

Yesterday I recorded a new video that should have been done years ago.

It was courtesy of Nala, one of our two cats.
Clean Upholstery with Stain Solver

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch this brand new video. I show you in just a minute or two the magic of getting rid of just about any stain from upholstery.

Do you have ANY stain on ANY upholstery? It can be a chair, a couch, your car seat, your boat cushion, etc.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch exactly how I’d make the stain DISAPPEAR if I was at your home today.

What New Videos Do You Want?

I want to help you get rid of all stains at your home. But I need to know exactly what you want me to clean.

Please reply to this email and give me the TOP THREE new videos you’d like to see me create for you.

I’m trying to do a minimum of two new videos per week starting now.

This afternoon I’m going to try to record a video showing how to remove algae from a concrete paver patio. It’s the same process for bluestone, brick, regular concrete or even blacktop.

I think you’ll love all the new videos!

Tim Carter

P.S. Kathy said she liked the new video and thought I wasn’t too odd. I think that’s the word she used.

May 6, 2019 Newsletter

Spring has sprung in many places. I’m here in Bar Harbor, Maine helping to build my daughter’s new home and we had our FIRST nice day with temperatures near 60 F yesterday.  

It was a bitter winter up here and there was 8 inches of snow just five weeks ago! All last week while working on the house I wore a hoodie and a long underwear shirt under my normal flannel shirt! It was pretty much in the 40’s and cloudy all last week.  

Anyway, you know that Stain Solver will clean just about ANYTHING that’s water washable.  

So celebrate your warm weather with this promo code:


You get 10% off and FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 USA states. The sale ENDS this coming Sunday so don’t delay.  


You may want to upgrade your order to our 4.5 or 9.2-pound sizes.  

Why?  We don’t have sales that often as you know and now’s the time to really stock up on the magic powder for all your chores as we approach summer.  

Give those two sizes a SERIOUS LOOK when you CLICK or TAP HERE to place your order.  


Tim and Kathy Carter

February 1, 2019 Newsletter

I know, it’s been a while since we’ve reached out. We apologize for our absence.  

It’s February 1st and we want to make 2019 the best year ever for Stain Solver, but Kathy and I need your help.  

Would you take a few moments and share with us a tiny story or two? Maybe you even have a photo to go along with it.  

We’d like you to tell us any unbelievable tales about how Stain Solver worked for you? You know, what did you think was ruined but Stain Solver magically restored it and SAVED the day!  

Your story, or stories, will help us convince others about the power of Stain Solver.   We’d like to share your success stories at the Stain Solver website. You know, as we do, that Stain Solver is a fantastic product. Let’s try to help others save their things with Stain Solver!  

If you belong to any online groups or do social media, Kathy and I would really appreciate you sharing your stories there as well. Your friends trust you so help them get rid of stains the way you do by telling them how well Stain Solver works.  

Thanks in advance for anything you can share.  

Tim and Kathy Carter – Co-Founders

P.S. If you have any ideas that you feel will help us grow Stain Solver, we’d love to hear them. Just reply to this message.

November 18, 2018 Newsletter – Thanksgiving Sale

Accidents happen on Thanksgiving.

Red wine gets spilled, gravy slops and blops onto tablecloths, cranberries drop onto chairs.

Stain Solver can SAVE your new carpet, heirloom tablecloth, chair cushions, etc.

Use the following promo code to get 10% off any purchase greater than $29.00.


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Do you have questions about how to clean anything? Reply and we’ll help.

We want to let you know we’re very thankful for your trust and continued business.

Stain Solver is a very small cottage business and your purchase helps us keep the doors open.

Tim and Kathy Carter

P.S. If you’re looking for practical Stocking Stuffers for Christmas, this sale is a GREAT TIME to purchase a case (12 bottles) of our cute sample size. Everyone can use some Stain Solver!

Stain Solver SS01 12 Pack
Stain Solver SS01 12 Pack


June 8, 2018 Newsletter – SS09 Sale

We’re a week into June already! WOW!

Kathy and I have got a FLASH SALE on the 9-pound size going.

Remember, this sale is ONLY FOR the 9-pound size.

The promo code this time reminds me of Las Vegas and slot machines.

When you place your order and notice the amount you saved, it will all make sense.


We only have about 500 of this size in stock.

If we SELL OUT – and that’s entirely possible – we will not have them in stock again until the middle of July at the earliest.

So BUY NOW and don’t get caught without it.

The sale ends soon, or when we’re out of stock.

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Kathy and Tim Carter

May 1, 2018 Newsletter – Outdoor Algae

Happy May!

Algae. You hate it, don’t you?

You may we wanting to clean LOTS of things outdoors now that the weather is warmer. Wretched algae might be on all your outdoor stuff.

Here’s a partial list of things that might have algae on them:

  • fountains
  • kayaks
  • ​​​​​​​outdoor furniture
  • decking
  • siding
  • railings
  • patios

Look at this stunning basalt fountain of Mel’s. It’s got algae on it and Mell wants it GONE. He’s about to clean it with Stain Solver:

clean algae from fountain
I created a new page at for you that has larger photos AND a video showing you how to clean algae off ANYTHING outdoors.

CLICK HERE to see the photos and watch the VIDEO.


Please pass this email around to all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc.


Because many may consider using chlorine bleach outdoors to clean algae.

Chlorine bleach is the WORST THING YOU CAN USE to clean anything outdoors.

It’s toxic and will systematically KILL all vegetation and large trees when you rinse it off the things you’re cleaning.

My neighbor in Cincinnati, OH, KILLED a magnificent maple shade tree that bathed her patio with glorious shade.

Every spring, she would dump three or four gallons of straight chlorine bleach on the patio stones and then scrub it in. I warned her, but she always thought she was smarter than me and she ignored my advice.

Tsk tsk. After ten years as the tree slowly died, I remember the day the arborist came to cut it down. I had him come over to my house to tell him why it happened. He had no idea she was using toxic chlorine bleach around the tree.


Happy Cleaning!

Tim & Kathy Carter