August 19, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

New Video & Clean Face Masks

I created a NEW VIDEO hours ago. I want to try to share with you just a FEW of the HUNDREDS of things around your home you can clean using STAIN SOLVER.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the video.

Deep Clean Face Masks

Are you worried if your face mask, bandana, hoodoo, etc. is truly clean and HEALTHY for you?

Here’s how to deep clean and deactivate bad things that might be in your masks:

Mix up a quart of STAIN SOLVER solution. Use HOT water and add 1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER. Stir for one minute.

Dump in your face masks. Swish them around.

Allow them to soak for at least FOUR HOURS coming back every hour to swish them around more and dunk them back into the solution.

The oxygen ions that do the deep cleaning will want to FLOAT the masks out of the solution.

You can then DUMP the masks AND solution into your washing machine should you want to wash the masks with other clothes.

Questions? ASK ME.

Tim Carter
Co-Founder –

Use Stain Solver To Clean Microfiber

Do you have any microfiber towels around your home? I do. Look at these:

clean microfiber towels

You can use STAIN SOLVER to keep them looking like new.

I just pre-soak mine in a small bucket of warm water before dumping the towels and soak water into the washing machine. I allow them pre-soak for about 4 hours or even overnight.

You can also clean microfiber furniture the SAME WAY you see me clean the chair in a video I recorded last year. CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the video.

Do you have questions about how to use STAIN SOLVER?

Just ask me!

Do you need to reorder more? CLICK or TAP HERE.

Tim Carter

August 9, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter


The STAIN SOLVER Sale ends in 6 hours.

FACT: The first thing I’m doing in the morning, and it will be very early, is to raise the prices of STAIN SOLVER.

Yes, I’m sorry, but I’m taking away from you the sale price. Everything has to end, right?

I have NO IDEA when we’ll have another sale.

This is your LAST CHANCE to save money in the immediate future.

CLICK or TAP HERE NOW to purchase STAIN SOLVER at it’s lowest price.


Tim Carter

August 8, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

STAIN SOLVER ODD Sale ENDING – T-minus 35 hours

The ODD Sale ends in 35 hours. (The sale ended at midnight on Sunday night, August 9, 2020.)

You can save 5, 7, or 9% depending on what size you select.

I have NO CLUE when we’ll have another sale.

I have NO CLUE when we’ll be able to manufacture again. At this point, the earliest is the middle of OCTOBER!!! That’s insanity.

CLICK or TAP HERE now to stock up and save money.

The SALE ENDS tomorrow night at midnight.

Period. No excuses.

Tim Carter

August 4, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Have you ever wondered how to clean an antique quilt or other heirloom fabric?

You get ONE CHANCE to get it right.

Read the suspense-filled story about Diana’s challenge with this one-of-a-kind quilt:
Zwerner Quilt Full View

CLICK or TAP HERE and be amazed.

The ODD Sale – About to END

I reached out to you last Friday about the good news. Stain Solver was FINALLY back in stock.

After being out-of-stock for almost ten weeks, I knew that there would be a buying frenzy.

I was right.

So many responded there’s a chance we’re soon going to run out of your FAVORITE SIZE.

Never before in the history of Stain Solver did we sell SO MANY 50-pound buckets in SUCH A SHORT TIME.

Holy tomato!

Remember, the MORE you buy, the MORE you save. The sale will end on Sunday and the prices will be RAISED.

CLICK or TAP HERE now to place your order.


Tim Carter
Co-Founder – Stain Solver

July 31, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

We now have all of our sizes IN STOCK, well, not the cute little sample sizes. I’ll have those ready for you in a week.

But you’re probably not interested in that small bottle because you’re a POWER user.


I reached out to you two days ago letting you know we finally had some product to sell. The pandemic had created a massive production issue at the factory in Illinois.

Since we placed the manufacturing order back in May, something happened. You may have been the person who caused this to occur.

A Stain Solver user who subscribes to this newsletter, and I really don’t know who it was, contacted Farm Show magazine. This person was was so happy about all that Stain Solver cleaned around her/his farm that she/he asked the magazine editor to do a story about Stain Solver so OTHER farmers could discover how well it works.

Guess what? Farm Show magazine does NOT SELL ADS. It was impossible for me to purchase an ad in the magazine and the subscriber knew this. This is why she/he begged the editor to tell all 300,000 Farm Show subscribers about Stain Solver.

This story might run as early as mid-September.

What do you think the open rate is of a magazine that depends SOLELY on subscription revenue to survive?

How much do you think the subscribers TRUST the articles in the magazine because they continue to subscribe?

If just 2 percent of the subscribers buy some Stain Solver to try it out, we will get WIPED OUT of all the stock we JUST MADE. In fact, we don’t have enough manufactured product right now to satisfy that many orders.

I contacted the factory yesterday and the EARLIEST they could make more Stain Solver is the beginning of October!

You may wonder:

“Tim, why should I care about all this?”

I know how many subscribers there are to this Stain Solver newsletter.

I know how many placed orders in the last 48 hours since I told you we had product back in stock.

You may have been one of the MANY THAT DID NOT ORDER ANY.

I can tell you that if you don’t REPLENISH your stock – or BUY EXTRA NOW – you may not get Stain Solver for months.

This is not a threat – it’s reality.

As of this morning, we have ALL SIZES in stock and ON SALE.

But as I said on Wednesday and I’ll repeat again, we have LIMITED QUANTITIES of each size. We can’t run the factory everyday. That’s not how it works.

I’m reminded of a funny scene in the hit TV show Parks and Recreation. Do you remember when Ron wanted lots of bacon and eggs and was worried that the waiter didn’t hear EXACTLY what he wanted?

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch that very short AND FUNNY video clip.



CLICK or TAP HERE NOW to place your order.

Tim Carter
Co-Founder of Stain Solver

July 29, 2020 Stain Solver Newsletter

Well, it’s been a while!

We FINALLY have two sizes of Stain Solver for sale. We were just alerted to this late yesterday.

You can purchase the 4.5-pound size or the 9.2-pound size.

The 2.2-pound and 50-pound sizes SHOULD be available next Monday.

You can get 7% off the 4.5-pound size now and 9% off the 9.2-pound size.

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of each of the two sizes in stock now. If you don’t want to run out in the next three months, I urge you to purchase MORE than you might normally.

CLICK or TAP HERE for the 4.5-pound size.

CLICK or TAP HERE for the 9.2-pound size.

Thanks for your patience.

Tim and Kathy Carter