April 19, 2018 Stain Solver Health Alert

I don’t know about you, but I want to stay healthy.

I keep my coffee warm each morning in a stainless steel travel mug.

I wash it after each use, including the leakproof cap.

But look at this photo below of the cap parts after I took it apart yesterday.

Do you see all that NASTY coffee sediment on the silicone seals?

The black plastic parts had it too, but it’s tough to see in this photo.

This is a unhealthy CRAP trapped in the parts that my scrub brush and Dobie pad can’t get to.

I’m lucky I’m not SICK! Common sense tells you bacteria was growing in this organic goo and gunk.

CLICK HERE to see other photos and a VIDEO showing the magic cleaning bubbles of Stain Solver at work.

You’re NOT GOING TO BELIEVE the after photos and how clean the coffee mug was after just a few hours of soaking.

CLICK HERE to see all the before & after photos and the video.

PLEASE do others you LOVE a favor:

Please FORWARD this email to anyone who drinks coffee or tea from mugs or brews it in some hard-to-clean machine. Forward it if your loved ones use any type of food processing machine that’s hard to clean.

You might prevent an illness because Stain Solver can CLEAN all the parts with ease removing the food that can harbor bacteria.

Juicers & Food Processors

Do you have a Vegematic food processor or juicer?

You can clean these the SAME WAY you see in the VIDEO on this page. Watch to see how the magic bubbles scrub on their own.

Questions?? Just reply and I’ll help.

Want to call? 513-407-8727

STAY HEALTHY! Soak things in Stain Solver!


Tim & Kathy Carter

April 7, 2018 Last Call


The End-of-Winter SALE is about to end. (Ended midnight 04/08/2018.) You know the drill.

You can purchase any size you want. If you want 2 pounds, great.

If you desire 4.5 pounds, awesome!

If you covet a 9.2-pound container, you’re the best!

If our 50-pound size floats your boat and you buy this size, I’d give you a big hug if I saw you in person!

All that said, I can’t tell you when the next sale will be.

If you don’t purchase a larger size right now, our 9 and 50-pounders, they MAY SELL OUT and you’ll be without.

When you come to get one in a month you may see the Out of Stock message at the cart.

That’s not a threat – it’s reality.

The sale ENDS at midnight Eastern Time April 8, 2018. That’s Sunday night – tomorrow.

You get 10% off any purchase greater than $29.00.

You get FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states in the USA.

The promo code is:


CLICK HERE to place your order.


Kathy & Tim Carter

April 4, 2018 Stain Solver Newsletter

Good Morning, at least that’s what it is here in central New Hampshire. The snow is melting and soon we’ll be swimming.

Two things for you this morning:

The special End-of-Winter SALE is ending in days.

I warned you that the larger sizes, our 9 and 50-pounders, might get low in inventory.

It’s happening.

Many people are buying those two sizes because they’re a BETTER VALUE on a price-per-pound basis.

If you LOVE those two sizes you better BUY NOW. Your procrastination may cause you to see an Out of Stock message next week.

Use this promo code to get a 10 percent discount:



Clean Coffee and Tea-Stained Mugs FAST and EASY

Kathy, my wife, drinks a special cinnamon tea each night. I drink two cups of coffee each morning.

To me, Kathy’s tea is toxic when I see what it does to the mug. The residue is both dark and STICKY. Look at this photo:

stained coffee mugstained coffee cup

CLICK HERE to see how I cleaned the mug with NO SCRUBBING at all.

Wait until you see the AFTER photo!!!

Do you have questions about how to clean ANYTHING?

Call Ellen now: 513-207-8727


respond to this email with your question and I’ll answer it.

Remember, the SALE ENDS on SUNDAY.


Tim Carter

Thank You

Thanks so much for subscribing to the Stain Solver Newsletter.

In a few days watch for a very interesting series of emails that will share all sorts of things you can clean both inside and outside your home using non-toxic Stain Solver. Every few days you’ll discover a fascinating new use for Stain Solver.

Stain Solver is also a great product for businesses if you work at one or own one. Office buildings use it to clean tile grout and coffee stains. Restaurants use it to de-grease everything in their kitchens and to deep-clean cutlery.

Hotels and motels use it to clean up red wine spills and to deep clean linen, carpets, and tile.

Daycare centers use it to clean all surfaces so the little tikes are kept safe. Regular schools use it too to clean all the floors and to deep-clean bathrooms.

Vet clinics use it to de-odorize kennels and runs. There are countless things to use it on.

Have a question? CALL US and ask us how to use Stain Solver: 513-407-8727

Tim & Kathy Carter – Founders

stain solver

March 30, 2018 Stain Solver Newsletter

Happy Easter!

Some little person may get chocolate on your carpet, their clothes, your clothes, your upholstered furniture or ???? Yes, this weekend is probably the second biggest chocolate holiday just behind Halloween.

That’s just ONE REASON we’re having our End-of-Winter Sale. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Deck or Dock cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Algae from wood or vinyl siding
  • Winter crud from car carpets
  • Grease removal from kitchen cabinets
  • Floor tile grout deep cleaning
  • Restore musty camping gear, tents, sleeping bags
  • Deep clean picnic coolers
  • De-odorize pet accident areas

Should I keep going? Do you want me to list MORE things to clean?


Are you one of our customers that LOVES the 9-pound size? We just did a manufacturing run, but there are just SO MANY of this size in the warehouse. I’m serious.

We can’t make more at the drop of a hat. The same is true for our 50-pound size. We have the LEAST NUMBER of 50-pounders available.

If you like to purchase Stain Solver in larger quantities and you don’t want to RUN OUT and be disappointed to see the OUT OF STOCK message at the shopping cart, then BUY NOW.

I’m not using this as a scare tactic – I’m telling you the truth.

ORDER NOW so you’re not left out.

PROMO CODE for the sale:


10% off all sizes except the small sample size. FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states.

The sale will end in NINE DAYS.

PLEASE ORDER ASAP so you’re not disappointed.


Kathy and I are NOT yanking your chain. You must realize we have just so much packaged up to send out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until we do another full-blown manufacturing run.

Good Luck to you. We hope you don’t see the Out of Stock message!

Tim, Kathy and the Stain Solver Team

P.S. If you have QUESTIONS, call Ellen: 513-407-8727

March 26, 2018 Newsletter

Did you know Stain Solver cleans kitchen cabinets?

It gets off crud and cooking grease with ease. Look at these Before and After photos that I got from a subscriber:
greasy cabinet drawers
Here’s the After one:
clean cabinet drawers
How do you make this happen?

  • Mix the SS powder with hot water until it dissolves
  • Put solution in a small spray bottle and spritz cabinets
  • Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes
  • Wipe cabinets with a soft sponge with a small amount of soapy water

It’s that easy.

CLICK HERE to order some Stain Solver now.


CALL Ellen: 513-407-8727

March 21, 2018 Newsletter

I just wanted to reach out to you in case you’re a One-Use-Only person.

What’s that you may ask?

You may have purchased Stain Solver to clean just your deck. Or maybe you only use it to clean up pet accidents. Perhaps you only use it to clean algae of your patio.

There are countless things around your home you can clean with Stain Solver.

Look at the crazy photos Rebecca sent to me. She got some oil-free foundation makeup on her FAVORITE white top.
stain solver cleanYou can see it’s quite a mess.

stain solver cleanerBut as usual, Stain Solver got rid of the makeup with ease!

The key is to allow the Stain Solver solution to SOAK for hours. That’s what we told Rebecca to do. She then just washed the top in a normal load of white laundry and you can see the amazing results.

She’s pretty happy.

What DIFFERENT thing around your home do you want to try to clean?

  • Carpet
  • Camping Equipment
  • Baby Bibs
  • Patio Furniture
  • Oil Stains on Concrete
  • and on and on and on

Call Ellen NOW if you need advice on cleaning anything.


Do a friend a favor and send a SURPRISE GIFT! Send them one of our cute sample size bottles.

CLICK HERE to order a small bottle for a friend.

Tim & Kathy Carter
Founders / Stain Solver Corp.

March 17, 2018 Newsletter

Kathy and I have great news for you.

We finally finished a manufacturing run and we once again have the 9-pound size IN STOCK.

How much did we make of the 9-pound size? Just under 7,000 pounds.

Will it sell out soon? Probably.

What should you do? It might be a GOOD IDEA for you to order TWO of them if this is the size you prefer.

We try to forecast the amount of each size so we run low of each size at the SAME RATE.

But guess what? Over the years we’ve tried to get it right, but never have.

If you LOVE the 9-pound size, you BETTER ACT NOW.

CLICK HERE to order it.


Tim & Kathy Carter
Founders of Stain Solver

Deep Clean Floor Grout

Here’s a story you might enjoy.

Also, do you work in a school or know someone who does? You’ll see why we need to know that just below.

Trust me, I pretty much GUARANTEE you’re about to discover something NEW about Stain Solver you didn’t know. Seriously.

Yesterday, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Kathy and I have a fourth child you may not know about – Lady the Dog.

She’s a gorgeous German Shepherd and will celebrate her tenth birthday this July. But she’s a messy eater. If you want to see an animal inhale and splatter food, then stop by my house about 2:30 PM each day.

I’ve been putting off cleaning the floor by Lady’s food dish because I wanted to capture a great before photo of the disgusting mess on our natural slate floor and the sanded grout between the pieces of slate. I think you’ll agree I probably didn’t need to wait this long.

dirty slate floor

Lady splatters the canned dog food she gets for lunch and then steps in it is my best guess. You can see how she’s messed up the small throw rug. That’s a story for another day.

I grabbed some of the Stain Solver that Kathy and I make. It’s a certified organic oxygen bleach if you’re a new subscriber. When you mix the powder with warm water and stir it for a minute, you end up with a magic cleaning solution that works on anything water washable.

Here’s why Stain Solver is magic. I may have never shared this with you. The first thing to remember is once you mix the powder with water, you create trillions of oxygen bubbles that start to clean on their own!

The next photo shows what the floor looked like after I poured on a thin layer of the solution onto the slate and grout. The white blotches you see are the countless oxygen bubbles scrubbing the slate and grout. You can actually look close and see the bubbles moving around.

slate floor during
Here’s another thing I don’t believe I’ve ever shared. I allowed the solution to work on the grout for about twenty-five minutes.

When you allow Stain Solver solution to stay in contact with whatever you’re cleaning for twenty, or more, minutes you achieve a 99 percent bacteria kill!

Because I allowed the solution to soak for nearly 30 minutes, the floor under Lady’s dish was not only clean, but it was also safe for her so she’d not get sick. That’s important to Kathy and me.

I got out my standard scrub brush and lightly scrubbed the slate and grout lines. Then I used my large sponge to rinse the floor with clear water making sure all dirt and grime was off the floor.

Here’s what the floor looked like after it dried in a few minutes:

slate floor cleaned

Do you want to deep clean your tile, slate, or natural stone floors? If your flooring can stand water getting on it, then it’s safe to do what I did above. It works great on poured concrete floors in garages or basements too. It’s safe for epoxy-coated floors in garages or commercial buildings.

Don’t believe me? You’re a Doubting Thomas?

Go ahead, gamble ten bucks. Purchase just one of the small sample bottles and give it a try. There’s no photoshopping in those photos. Stain Solver is the real deal.

You can have clean and bacteria-free floors for yourself and your pets!!!

CLICK HERE to order MORE magic Stain Solver.

Oh WAIT!!!! I almost forgot to ask you!!!! Do you work in a school or know someone who does?

Last week, a middle school in California placed a REFILL order for 350 POUNDS of Stain Solver! They use it all over the school to keep their kids clean and safe.

Kathy and I would appreciate it if you’d help us get Stain Solver into as many schools as possible. It’s certified organic and it’s made in the USA with USA ingredients.

Please EMAIL me and put me in contact with the facility manager at your local school.

Thanks so much!

Tim & Kathy
Co-Founders of Stain Solver

Flood Clean Up

This will be super fast. My very good friends Nick Motz and Mary Beth Wilker went kayaking in the swollen Ohio River in Cincinnati, OH last weekend.

CLICK HERE to see photos they took while kayaking.

The Ohio River got up to 60.5 feet and the murky water filled with bacteria, oil, sewage!!!, etc. invaded all sorts of buildings and basements.

Perhaps your basement has had floodwater in it.

Heavy spring rains are about to happen! You need to be PREPARED to clean up!

Several years ago, there was a horrible flood here in New Hampshire, and friends of mine had their fuel oil tank in their basement.

The entire basement of their home flooded. As the basement filled with water, the tank started to float and it disconnected from the fill line. Oil began to leak from the tank.

When the water was pumped out of the basement, they had nasty oil coating everything.

Guess what? They used Stain Solver to REMOVE the OIL and get rid of all the fuel oil ODOR. Yes, Stain Solver is that powerful.

Here’s something else I’ll bet you didn’t know about Stain Solver.

It’s perfect for flood cleanup because floodwaters often are laden with bacteria, some of it from raw sewage.

If you mix up Stain Solver with hot or warm water, stir until dissolved and then SPRAY it on the surfaces that were flooded, you can kill 99% of the bacteria. All this with NO FUMES.

The secret is to keep the surfaces WET with the Stain Solver solution for at least 30 minutes. Do that and the bacteria gets zapped.

CLICK HERE NOW to ORDER Stain Solver so you can ZAP BACTERIA!

Tim & Kathy Carter