Cedar Siding Maintenance Cleaning with Stain Solver

cedar siding - before

BEFORE – Photo credit: Peter Weinberg

cedar siding - after

AFTER – Photo credit: Peter Weinberg

Peter W. shared his remarkable before and after photos of his cedar siding. It needed some TLC maintenance and cleaning.

Here is Peter’s email …

“This is a before and after picture of a small section of our cedar sided house which became black from an older stain and mildew.

We mixed 4 scoops of stain solver in 2 gallons of warm water and applied it with a garden sprayer. Scrubbed and rinsed off. We followed the cleaning with a wood brightener to restore the cedar to like new.

The rest of the house will follow!”

Thanks for sharing your great photos of your cedar siding and its cleaning with Stain Solver.
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