Certified Organic Oxygen Bleach | STAIN SOLVER is the One

STAIN SOLVER is one of the few, if not the only, certified organic oxygen bleach.

It contains just two ingredients, both sourced in the USA. 

The active ingredient in Stain Solver is made with food-grade raw materials registered with the Federal Drug Administration.

Who Certifies STAIN SOLVER?

STAIN SOLVER is certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute. They’re the leader in organic certification. Here’s the actual certificate for the active ingredient in STAIN SOLVER:

stain solver organic certification certificate from omri


Not All Cleaners are Certified Organic

Most cleaners are not certified organic. They may say they’re green, eco-friendly, or some other soft and fuzzy words. Those don’t mean they’re certified. BEWARE of cleaners that contain sodium hypochlorite. This is the chemical name for chlorine bleach. It’s very toxic and removes color from fabrics.

Great Results When Certified

Certified organic usually means that you’ll get better performance. Look at these before and after photos:

oil-soaked baseball cap

Curtis’ hat before cleaning with Stain Solver

baseball cap cleaned with stain solver

Curtis’ hat after cleaning with Stain Solver