Clean Armchair Covers

dirty armchair cover on left clean one on right yellow stains gone

The dirty cover is on the left. The clean one is on the right. The difference is striking. Remember, Stain Solver is color and fabric safe. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.

Jean lives in Bradenton, Florida. No matter how well you clean your arms and hands each day, you still can get body oil and dirt on the protective armchair arm covers.

Jean keeps her covers looking like brand new by just soaking them in a solution of Stain Solver for several hours before adding them to a load of normal laundry.

Look at the dramatic before and after photos:


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filthy armchair cover at top clean one at bottom

The dirty arm cover is at the top. Look at the CLEAN one below. Note how bright the colors are! Stain Solver is color and fabric-safe. Copyright 2018 Stain Solver Corp.