Tanya's Brick Floor

Clean Brick Floor – Mix, Pour, Wait, Scrub & Rinse

Tanya’s Brick Floor

Tanya recently purchased some STAIN SOLVER Oxygen Bleach to try and clean her 1951 brick floors.


  1. Mix one cup (8 oz) of STAIN SOLVER with one gallon of HOT WATER
  2. Stir until all the STAIN SOLVER is dissolved – stir for a minimum of one minute
  3. Pour the solution onto the brick and spread around making sure it is puddling on the brick
  4. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes, preferably 30 minutes, and lightly scrub with a stiff scrub brush
  5. Rinse and you’re done

WATCH this video to see how I’d clean your brick. I’m working on concrete pavers, but it’s the same method for brick:

As you can see from her photo above, it worked. In Tanya’s email, she stated:

“STAIN SOLVER did an amazing job on my brick floors. They hadn’t been cleaned since 1951. The before is on the left. What you see on the right is just the first scrubbing. I should have followed your instructions and allowed the solution to work longer. Had I done that, the grout lines would also look like new. But I admit, I was impatient and once I saw how well it cleaned the brick, I scrubbed and rinsed a little too early.

I just brought another container today. I’ve used it on stains in laundry and the yellowing on white sheets.

STAIN SOLVER  works amazingly.”

Thanks, Tanya, for sharing your STAIN SOLVER story and the great before and after photo.



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