clean burnt metal pot

You’re looking at what happens when you boil down milk of all things. Look BELOW at the CLEAN pot!

Clean Burnt Metal Pot – Soak With Stain Solver

Ravindra shared the amazing before and after photos. He, or some other guilty party, was heating up some milk and forgot it was on the stove. Here’s what Ravindra told us:

“I can’t ask for more. I had to soak it three times, but it worked like MAGIC!”

Yes, Stain Solver will remove any sort of:

  • burned or burnt food
  • burned or burnt sugar
  • burnt or burned sauces
clean burnt metal pot

This is what the pot looked like after soaking in Stain Solver. All Ravindra did was fill the pot with HOT water and he dumped in a tablespoon of Stain Solver. He waited about three hours and came back. It helps to use a Dobbie Pad after the Stain Solver has worked for an hour or two.