Clean Car Mat and Carpet

clean car mats
Ann used certified organic Stain Solver to clean these dirty car mats.

Clean Car Mat & Car Carpet – Stain Solver

Ann used Stain Solver to clean her vinyl car mats that were pretty dirty.

She mixed up a normal solution, applied it to the mats while sitting in the shade, let the solution work for about 15 minutes, scrubbed, and then rinsed. CLICK or TAP HERE for full use instructions.

Stain Solver will also clean:

  • car carpet
  • truck carpet
  • SUV carpet
  • SUV mats
  • truck mats

CLICK or TAP HERE to order your Stain Solver now. Remember, you can get a small sample size!

Here’s what Ann’s clean car mat looks like:

clean car mat
This is the after photo. Stain Solver did an amazing job and it even removes oil and grease marks when you track OIL into your car. Remember, don’t be an oil walker! That’s what I called my kids when they walked on large oil-dripping spots in parking lots.