Clean Carpet with Stain Solver

Use Stain Solver to make carpets look like new.

Before and after photos of carpeting in hallway

Professionals use Stain Solver all the time to pre-treat the carpet before they unload the shampoo machines from their trucks.

  • Mix one cup of Stain Solver with one gallon of hot tap water.
  • Stir until completely dissolved. It MUST BE DISSOLVED.
  • Pour into a garden hand-pump sprayer if cleaning entire carpet.  
  • Saturate carpet fibers with the solution.
  • Wait 15 minutes before shampooing. Add Stain Solver to carpet shampoo solution for best results.


Same directions as above, but just pour solution on stained area.

IMPORTANT TIP: Stain Solver is such a great cleaner you may think it has faded your carpet. Look under a couch or in a closet where the carpet has never gotten dirty to compare the cleaned spot.

You’ll see that the rest of the carpet is probably dirtier than you realized!