Clean Cement Using Stain Solver

It’s easy to clean cement using Stain Solver.

Watch the following video to see the techniques to employ.

Even though I’m not cleaning actual cement, the PROCESS IS THE SAME.

Step One: Apply the Stain Solver as you see me squirt in on the railing and decking.

Step Two: After allowing the Stain Solver to soak on the cement, then SCRUB and rinse it.

Clean Cement Success Tips:

  • Be sure the cement is dry
  • Work in the early part of the day when the concrete is cool and in the shade
  • Keep the cement very wet with the solution for up to three hours before scrubbing for best results

This page is dedicated to Amy Grilliot who had a cheap welcome mat stain her cement porch. Amy, you’ll have that cement looking new in no time using Stain Solver!