Clean Chefman Crockpot Stoneware with Stain Solver

Stain Solver is a great certified organic product to clean the all-natural PALEO stone inserts that come with most Chefman Crockpots.

If just the inside is stained, you can fill it with HOT WATER to the brim and add a couple of tablespoons of Stain Solver powder. Let it soak overnight.

In the morning, just dump out the solution and clean the crockpot with normal soap and rinse. Ta Da! Brand new!

Watch the following video to see how Tim would do it.

All you have to do is fill the stoneware insert with hot tap water and drop in 1/2 cup of Stain Solver powder.

In the video below, just imagine the steel bowl is your PALEO stone insert.

Allow the solution to sit for six hours, dump it out, rinse and the insert should look brand new.

This page is dedicated to Keri Weikel as she suggested we create it!