Use certified organic Stain Solver to clean coffee and tea stains from mugs.

The mug below had horrible stains from a cinnamon tea. It’s MUCH HARDER to remove this tea than coffee.

Look at the before, during and after photos. Behold the power of Stain Solver!

Clean Coffee Stains From Mug With Stain Solver

tea stained mug

This is the mug stained with the horrible cinnamon tea. It’s much harder to remove this tea stain than easy coffee. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

clean tea stained mug

I filled the mug just short of the brim with HOT tap water. I’m now dumping in 1/4 teaspoon of Stain Solver. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

clean tea mug

I didn’t stir the Stain Solver. I just took this photo after dumping in the powder. The white you see are TRILLIONS of oxygen ions starting to break apart the tea stain. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

clean tea mug

I waited two hours, came back and DUMPED OUT the solution into the sink. I did NOT scrub the mug. The Stain Solver did all the work. The tea stain at the top is only there because I wanted to show you the dramatic side-by-side difference. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter