Clean Coffee Stains in Carpet Using Stain Solver

It’s very easy to clean coffee stains on a carpet.

Instead of scrubbing the carpet, you just BLOT the stained area after allowing the Stain Solver solution to work.

Clean Coffee Stains Success Tips:

  • Use hot tap water to mix the Stain Solver solution
  • Stir the solution for no less than two minutes to ensure all powder is dissolved
  • Wet the carpet fibers well and allow the solution to work for up to 15 minutes
  • Blot, rinse, and blot again
  • WARNING: Do not use Stain Solver on natural wool carpeting that’s never been dyed. It will discolor the wool.

Spot Cleaning Advice:

When you spot clean carpet using Stain Solver, it’s so powerful it will deep clean the carpet.

You may think the Stain Solver has faded the carpet or bleached it out.

Look at the carpet under furniture that’s never been walked on or inside a closet to see the carpet’s original color.

The Stain Solver will make the spot you clean look like that.

If the carpet is lighter in color in the spot you cleaned, you’ll have to pretreat the entire carpet with Stain Solver and shampoo as you would to normally clean it.

This page is dedicated to Marcia McIntyre. She must have a friend, co-worker or relative who spilled coffee on their carpet. Macia is just trying to help them.