Clean Colored Fabric

quilt stains
Clean Colored Fabric | You can see the ugly yellow stain at the corner of the cotton quilt. The after photo is below. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver

Clean Colored Fabric – Stain Solver is Color-Safe!

Stain Solver safely cleans:

  • colored cotton fabric
  • colored polyester fabric
  • wool colored with synthetic dye
  • silk colored with synthetic dye

Cleaning Instructions:

It’s best to soak any fabric to get it clean. Most washing machines have a soak cycle. Soak for up to three hours, then spin the dial and wash normally.

If the fabric is upholstery, watch this video to see how I’d clean it if you invited me over to your home:

Clean Quilt Photo:

quilt stains
Look at the difference! It’s pure white and the colors in the quilt are brilliant. Copyright 2017 Stain Solver