corian stains - double bowl sink

This is the before photo. You’re looking at coffee, tea, and other food stains. Stain Solver can make this look brand new with NO SCRUBBING! Photo credit: Emily Grubbs

Clean CorianĀ® Stains – Fill With Water & Add Stain Solver – DONE!

John Faulkner reached out and asked:

“Will Stain Solver work to clean the stain in my daughter’s CorianĀ® sink?”

How Do I Clean Corian Stains?

Fill the sink with hot water. Add one cup of Stain Solver powder and let sit overnight.

Emily did a test on the smaller sink to the right before tackling the larger sink. Because the small sink has less volume, 1/2 cup of Stain Solver was plenty.

Stain Solver will also clean:

  • porcelain sinks
  • tile sinks
  • cast iron sinks
  • stainless steel sinks
clean corian sink - one bowl cleaned

Emily did the test and look at the remarkable results. Stain Solver saved her at least $1,000.00. You’d pay that much for a new sink plus installation, maybe more! Photo credit: Emily Grubbs

Do I Have to Scrub?

No. Allow the Stain Solver to work on its own for at least six hours. Remember, you’ll get the BEST results filling the sink with hot water.

clean corian stains - both bowls cleaned

Here’s the completed sink. Emily didn’t have to scrub. Stain Solver is a magical cleaner. It’s Certified Organic and Made in the USA! Photo credit: Emily Grubbs

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