Clean Foot Traffic Stains with Stain Solver

before and after photos of hallway carpet

These photos were sent in by a professional carpet cleaner. Most people would have ripped out the carpeting. Stain Solver SAVED it. Questions about your hotel carpet? CALL ME – Tim Carter

The best way to clean foot traffic stain paths in carpet is to pre-treat the carpet before shampooing.

Mix one cup of Stain Solver with a gallon of hot tap water. 

SUCCESS TIP: Stir until completely dissolved. If you don’t dissolve all the powder, it will clog the tip of the pump sprayer you’re about to use.

Put the solution into a garden hand-pump sprayer.

Saturate the carpet fibers with the solution.

Wait 30 minutes and then shampoo as normal. Pour any leftover Stain Solver solution in the sprayer into the carpet shampoo machine.

This page is dedicated to Maye Wetter because it was her idea to add it! Thanks Maye!