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Clean Furniture Slipcovers | You can see the yellowed dirty slipcover on the left and the brilliant white one on the right. Soaking for an hour or two in STAIN SOLVER made it look like new.

Clean Furniture Slipcovers – Just Soak in STAIN SOLVER Then Wash

Barry wanted to clean furniture slipcovers at his house. They were soiled and yellowed as you can see above.

He had a front-loading high-efficiency washing machine. Here’s how he got the dramatic results you see above:

  1. Add 1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER to the empty washing machine
  2. Place slipcovers into the machine and close the door
  3. Set water temperature to hot and choose the SOAK cycle if the machine has one
  4. If no SOAK cycle, start the wash cycle and after slipcovers are saturated with wash water, PAUSE the cycle for two hours
  5. After two hours, resume the wash cycle

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Do All Washing Machines Have a Soak Cycle?

No, it’s a shame this handy setting has been removed from many machines.

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