Clean Golf Balls Using Stain Solver

Clean golf balls with ease by soaking them in a solution of STAIN SOLVER for just one hour.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

CLEAN GOLF BALLS SUCCESS TIP: I put my golf balls in a tiny one-gallon plastic bucket.

If you have four balls to clean, add just enough HOT tap water to cover the balls. Then add one teaspoon of STAIN SOLVER powder, stir for a moment, and walk away to go watch the Golf Channel.

Come back in an hour and the balls should look like new. A few stubborn stains may require you to rub the balls with a Dobie pad. Dump out the solution, rinse the balls, and allow them to dry.


clean golf balls

These are the same four balls that were in the video. They look BRAND NEW. Thanks, STAIN SOLVER!

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This page is dedicated to Jerry Wiktorowski. It was his idea to help hack golfers like myself who can’t keep their balls on the clean short grass!