Clean Iodine Stains Using Stain Solver

It’s easy to clean iodine stains using Stain Solver.

If you can soak the item that’s stained in a bowl or bucket, watch the following video.

Use the SAME PROCESS in the video, even though I’m soaking an iced tea strainer.

Spray on the Stain Solver

If you spilled the iodine on carpet or upholstered furniture, you may want to spray on the Stain Solver solution.

Watch this video for that technique even though I’m spraying it on a porch railing.

CLEAN IODINE STAINS SUCCESS TIP: Be sure to use warm tap water to mix the Stain Solver solution. Stir until all the powder is completely dissolved. This can take up to two minutes.

This page is dedicated to Ron Olivares. He suggested we share how to use Stain Solver to get rid of pesky iodine stains.