Laundry Booster | Clean Laundry with STAIN SOLVER

Use STAIN SOLVER to get clothes really clean. Remove perspiration odor and stains too!

STAIN SOLVER is certified organic and it’s both color & fabric-SAFE.

Look at Kelly’s dramatic muddy t-shirt before and after photos below.

STAIN SOLVER works in HE front loaders or top-loading machines.

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ge washing machine

Stain Solver works BEST as a pre-soak agent.

  • Pour 2 oz – one-quarter cup – into your washing machine before you add clothes or water
  • Set the machine control to SOAK
  • Allow the clothes to soak for an hour or two and even up to six hours!
  • Set the controls for a normal washing load

Here’s Kelly’s t-shirt before soaking in Stain Solver:

mud stained t-shirt laundry

Stain Solver will get rid of this stain. No problem! Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.

Are you ready for the after photo? Kelly soaked the t-shirt for several hours in Stain Solver before going through a normal wash cycle:

clean t-shirt mud laundry

You can TRUST Stain Solver to get out your stains. Remember, it’s color and fabric-SAFE! See how BRIGHT the Everest logo is? Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.


stain solver certified organic logo

perspiration stains
white t-shirt
white teeshirt
white t shirt