Yellow mysterious quilt stains were bothering Jani Bennett, who lives in Turner, Oregon.

Clean Quilt Stains

She tried all sorts of cleaners and none worked. Then she discovered Stain Solver.

“Gosh I discovered Stain Solver is a great product. I’m a huge quilter and for some reason my stark-white quilts were having yellow stains on them just out of no where. I tried every thing to remove them nothing worked. I found Stain Solver and it took the stains right out. So if any one asks about quilts, it worked on mine. Thank you!” Jani Bennett

Here are photos Jani sent to me:

quilt stains

You can see the ugly yellow stain at the corner of the quilt. Copyright 2017 Stain Solver

quilt stains

Look at the difference! It’s pure white and the colors in the quilt are brilliant. Copyright 2017 Stain Solver

stain solver