Clean Septic System with Stain Solver

Stain Solver is a great way to keep your septic system in good health.

septic tank buried in ground

This is a 1000-gallon septic tank. It’s easy to keep in great shape using Stain Solver. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver

Septic Tank Additive – STAIN SOLVER Creates Oxygen


  1. Add one cup of Stain Solver to your toilet before going to bed
  2. Flush the toilet twice and go to sleep
  3. Do this every ten days

How Does STAIN SOLVER Help the Septic Tank?

When you put the Stain Solver powder into a septic tank, it immediately begins to add oxygen to the tank.

Oxygen helps the beneficial bacteria consume the micro-solids that are suspended in the septic tank water.

Do Major City Sewer Plants Use Oxygen to Treat Sewage?

Major cities and towns treat raw sewage using oxygen. They oxygenate the sewage in the secondary treatment process.

The secondary treatment process adds air (oxygen) to the sewage for a period of time before they put the treated sewage back into the river next to the sewage treatment plant.

They oxygenate the sewage in the secondary treatment process.

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