Clean Wood Deck

Clean Wood Deck – Use Certified Organic Stain Solver

“Stain Solver rules!!! Check out these photos of my deck that I just cleaned using Stain Solver. Love seeing the product in action as it bubbles. I took these photos – feel free to use them in any medium to show the power of stain solver. Get it wet, spray it on, let it sit, scrub, and rinse – that simple.” – Andy D.

Important Note from Tim Carter:

Andy would have achieved more spectacular results had he applied the Stain Solver solution to dry wood decking.

Wetting the wood with water before applying the Stain Solver solution prevents the solution from soaking deeply into the wood.

clean wood deck

How Does Stain Solver Clean a Wood Deck?

Watch this video to see how Stain Solver cleans anything:

clean wood deck
clean wood deck