August 11, 2021 Stain Solver Newsletter

Cleaning Golf Balls With An O2 Volcano

Do you golf and get mud and grass stains on your expensive golf balls, your clubs, shoes, golf clothes, or ANYTHING ELSE you use outdoors, including your lawnmower?

When it comes to golf, I’m (Tim) your usual 25-30 handicap. I’ve got every shot in my bag, including sinking 30-foot putts, but I’m not able to string them together one after another on each hole like the pros do.

Can I Clean Golf Balls with STAIN SOLVER?

After a round do your golf balls look like worn-out featheries or like these?
dirty golf balls
STAIN SOLVER will deep-clean them!

I use STAIN SOLVER to keep my golf balls looking like new.

I actually believe the smooth and slippery squeaky-clean surface adds 20 yards to my drives off the tee!

CLICK or TAP HERE to see a brand-new video showing how STAIN SOLVER cleans golf balls pretty much on its own.

Wait until you see the AFTER photo at the bottom of this page.

When watching the video, see if you don’t agree that you’re looking at a miniature oxygen volcano!

Remember, STAIN SOLVER will clean mud or grass stains off ANYTHING that’s water washable! Here’s a partial list:

  • camping equipment
  • clothes
  • athletic shoes
  • hiking boots
  • lawn mower wheels and mower decks
  • baseballs
  • softballs
  • soccer balls
  • white shorts or skorts
  • etc.

Do you have a cleaning question? We’ll answer it!

Just ask us!

Tim & Kathy Carter