Cleaning Sailboat Sails with Stain Solver

Badly stained sailboat sails

Badly stained sailboat sails BEFORE cleaning

Sailboat sails AFTER a cleaning

Sailboat sails AFTER a cleaning with Stain Solver

I’ve bought and used this product several times with great results, but, today it just blew my mind.

I was working on a sailboat I’d bought at an auction 10+ years ago and also doing laundry today. The sails were badly stained when I got the boat 10 years ago. I was going to replace them, but instead patched them (had holes and stained from storage, probably got wet or were put away damp). Anyway to make a long story short, I soaked the jib sail in Stain Solver in a 5 gallon bucket with one cup of Stain Solver in about 3 gallons of water. Agitated by hand about every 10 minutes for over a half hour and were astonished at the results.

The pre-existing 10-year stains were barely noticeable. I hung them on the boat and rinsed them with a hose and let them dry in the sun and the difference in unbelievable. The jib sail was a test and convinced me to also try the main sail which was actually worse. It came out as good or better than the jib.

The boat is only 14′ but the mast is 21′ high from the deck and the two sails total over 100 sq. ft. I had tried washing the sails before with various cleaners but to no avail. I was convinced you had a good product before but this surprised me enough to write to you about it. Also have before and after pictures if you would like to see them. Thanks, now I “really” appreciate your product.

Jim Schriver

Above are Jim’s pictures. Quite a difference on the sails. Remember these sails were stained when he got the boat 10+ years ago and prior attempts to clean the sails didn’t work.