Clothing How-Tos

Keeping your clothes looking fresh and clean is one of the toughest, but most important, jobs to do. 

Luckily, Stain Solver makes it easy to remove even the toughest of stains from all sorts of clothing.  


How to Clean Your Comforter

blue quilt stained with body oil

You might think this quilt could never be cleaned. You’d be wrong.

Body oils had turned the corners yellowish-brown and nothing would clean it, well except Stain Solver!”

Quilt Cleaning – Body Oils and Yuck Cleaned Safely

Sally had an old quilt that had turned colors. Well, in her words …

“An old and dearly loved cotton quilt that had one side in light blues patchwork and the opposite side in white. Body oils had turned the corners yellowish-brown and nothing would clean it, well except Stain Solver. Here’s the rest of the story.

We talked at length about getting rid of the old quilt but you get used to your bed linens and we wanted to keep it if possible. The local cleaner gave it their best shot twice but it didn’t improve.

We washed the quilt in hot water with detergent and after the rinse cycle while it was still wet we poured two gallons of the “Stain Solver” solution over it using water we superheated on the range and let it sit for three hours. I finished with a second wash and rinse cycle using only clean water and it dried to the snow-white you see.

I really did not expect the quilt would ever be clean again … wow … thank you.”


Blue quilt perfectly clean with Stain Solver

You’d not think it was the same quilt. Stain Solver is that good.

How To Clean Food Stains

how to clean indian food stains

How to Clean Indian Food Stains | YUCK! Don’t freak out. Stain Solver will come to your rescue

How to Clean Indian Food Stains – Use Stain Solver!

Brett sent me this note and the photos:

“You made my wife a believer in Stain Solver. She had ordered Some Indian takeout that ended up on her white jeans!

She was out of town so she just rinsed off as mush as she could at the hotel. When she got back home she laundered the jeans with bleach. Well, I guess bleach and curry don’t mix. It turned the once yellow stain to a red stain.

I grabbed a bucket, filled it with a gallon of water and added 4 scoops of Stain Solver. Let it soak for 6 hours. Rinsed and repeated, but let it sit overnight. The next morning the stain was gone!! Amazing stuff.”

This is the nightmare after trying to use HARSH chlorine bleach. NEVER use chlorine bleach on clothes. It destroys the fabric!

how to clean indian food stains

The jeans look BRAND NEW after soaking in Stain Solver for just six hours. Stain Solver is Certified Organic and both fabric and color-safe!

Clean Cranberry Juice Stain

woman's white dress top shirt with cranberry juice stain

Remove Cranberry Juice Stain | This is cranberry juice on a shirt. It’s so easy to remove it by soaking the entire garment in Stain Solver overnight. Look below for the after photo!

Stain Solver Saves White Shirts from Cranberry Juice

Peggy Sparrow, who lives in Illinois, wrote to me:

“I just wanted to let you know Stain Solver saved my white sleeveless top as well as my son’s and husband’s clothes last week. We were visiting our son Peter at the University of Dayton for parents’ weekend and while at breakfast, our waitress spilled a full-to-the-brim glass of cranberry juice all over us.

Peter was sure his favorite shirt was ruined, but I told him I’d take his clothes home and work on them.  Stain Solver to the rescue—it got the stains out of both my husband’s and son’s clothes. They were quite impressed!  Unfortunately, I got to work immediately and didn’t take pictures of their clothes, but you can see how it cleaned my favorite white top.”


Stain Solver is both fabric and color-safe. You get the BEST RESULTS by soaking the entire garment overnight in a solution of Stain Solver.

Please read our Use Instructions.

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clean woman's top cranberry juice stain removed

The stain is GONE. Remember, Stain Solver is both fabric and color-safe.

Clean Red Wine From Clothes

clean red wine from clothes

Look at the red wine spill on these brilliant snow-white pants. The woman was not happy at the event but look below to see how Stain Solver made them look BRAND NEW. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.

Clean Red Wine From Clothes – Easy with Stain Solver

You can clean red wine from clothes by just soaking them in Stain Solver for an hour before washing them.

Stain Solver is both color and fabric-safe so you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes.

Soak the stained clothes on a low water setting in your washing machine or in a bucket.

Add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver to the warm water, stir for 30 seconds then drop in the stained garments. Usually, one hour of soaking is sufficient. If soaking in a bucket, pour the garments AND bucket water into your washing machine to clean the clothes.

Clean Red Wine From Clothes

Here are the pants after soaking in Stain Solver. They look NEW! It’s so easy and remember, Stain Solver is color & fabric-safe. Copyright 2019 Stain Solver Corp.

stain solver certified organic logo

How to Clean Backpack

How to Clean Backpack – Easy! Just Soak and Light Scrubbing

It’s so easy to clean a backpack. They’re durable and withstand soaking with no issues. Look at this stained and grungy backpack:


how to clean backpack

This is an abused backpack. Not for long! Stain Solver will make it look like new.

how to clean backpack

This nasty red stain will come out after you soak the backpack in Stain Solver.

How to Clean Backpack Tips:

  • remove all contents from all pockets – double check
  • fill laundry tub with 4 inches of hot water – add 1/2 cup of Stain Solver
  • stir the water for 30 seconds to help powder dissolve
  • place backpack face down in the solution and push up and down to get inside WET
  • allow to soak for two hours and scrub dirty surfaces
  • rinse and allow to air dry

This is what the backpack will look like once you follow the easy instructions above:

how to clean backpack

Yes, Stain Solver can restore expensive backpacks with ease!

stain solver


Clean Silicone Ear Plugs

Clean Silicone Ear Plugs Using Stain Solver

dirty and oily silicone ear plugs

Clean Silicone Ear Plugs | These are filthy silicone earplugs. Even though my ears were cleaned each morning, the plugs get gross on the job site with all sorts of gunk. Look below for the unbelievable AFTER photo. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

You can clean silicone earplugs using Stain Solver.

How Do You Clean the EarPlugs?

I mixed 8 ounces of hot water with 1 tablespoon of Stain Solver powder. I stirred it up for about 20 seconds. WATCH the video at the bottom of the page to understand how Stain Solver works to clean the earplugs.

ear plugs being cleaned in a cup

The ear plugs are soaking in a mixture of certified organic Stain Solver and hot water. Watch the video below to see how it cleans. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Do You Just Soak the EarPlugs?

Yes, I just soaked the earplugs for about two hours and they came out like new after rinsing them well.

How Clean are the Ear Plugs?

Look at them yourself. They look new!

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clean earplugs

The earplugs look brand new. Stain Solver is amazing. WATCH the video below to see how the Stain Solver cleaned the earplugs. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter


Muddy Sports Bras Cleaned with Stain Solver

Muddy Sports Bras Cleaned with Stain Solver

Laura's BEFORE photo

Laura’s BEFORE photo

Laura's BEFORE photo

Laura’s BEFORE photo

Here is Laura’s email explaining what happened to her sports bras.


I am writing to tell you something you probably already know, that you have an amazing and excellent product in Stain Solver! I did one of those crazy obstacle course events last weekend with a few obstacles that had us either slogging on our bellies under about 20 -30 yards of barbed-wire through mud and rocks or in a mucky pond climbing over and under logs when we weren’t climbing up hills or through mud and muck. Needless to say, we got dirty. (This was not my first time doing one of these, but this time was way dirtier than the last).

I thought my sports bras were ruined after these events because they were so stained from the muck; they even had dirt trapped in the seams. I couldn’t imagine they’d be good for much other than another a pull toy for the dogs. I knew chlorine bleach would ruin them. I had Stain Solver work on a red wine-stained table cloth, so I gave it a try on the sports bras.

I’ve enclosed photos so you can see the challenge Stain Solver was up against on one of them. I used the Stain Solver as directed (4 scoops per gallon of warm water) and let it soak for about 6 hours, rinsed and did it again, then tossed them in the wash. I was stunned. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how clean they were. And there is no damage to the elastic or fabric like there would have been with bleach. I’ve shared it with my friends, and am posting this onto Facebook!!! I want the world to know what a great product you have.

I hope you and your family never stop making this stuff!

Kindest Regards,”


Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story and great before and after photos!

Baseball Cap Cleaned with Stain Solver

Baseball Cap Cleaned with Stain Solver

dirty baseball cap

Curtis’ hat before cleaning with Stain Solver. Note the staining on the paper towel. What do you think that is?baseball cap cleaned

Curtis’ hat after cleaning with Stain Solver. You MUST READ Georgia’s story below about the transformation.

How to Clean Baseball Cap or Baseball Caps

Below is Georgia’s story about betting her son that she could make his ball cap white again with Stain Solver. Be sure to check out her pictures, shown above.

These might be the best Before and After photos ever submitted.

Here is Georgia’s story in her own words.

My son dearly loves his white ball cap because of the elastic in the band. He works in a manufacturing shop and wears it all day. Over time, it turned disgustingly black with grease and oil. I offered to wash it time after time, betting I could make it white again with Stain Solver.

Rolling his eyes at me each time, he refused and said the cap was a lost cause. Finally, he brought it to me and bet me I couldn’t get it clean.

When I put it under the faucet and water just ran off it, he laughed and started the “I told you so” routine. Panic rushed over him when I put the hat in a bowl of hot water and Stain Solver. The water fizzed and bubbled, so he was sure the hat was going to be a pile of fibers when it came out. Instead of rolling, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the clean, white cap the next day.

Tim, I was so pleased. Not because the hat was white – I knew it would be. It proved Mom DOES know what she is talking about – and to me, that is priceless.

Because Stain Solver ROCKS, Curtis is rocking his freshly whitened hat again.

P.S. The cap already needs another dip in the Stain Solver, so I am anticipating him walking through the door saying, “Hey, Mom, do you have any more of that magic stuff?”

Georgia, thanks for sharing your story and the photos of the hat. Yes, Mom does know what she is talking about.