Diaper Washing and Stripping – Easy with Certified Organic Stain Solver

Diaper washing couldn’t be easier using Stain Solver.

When it comes to cleaning any clothes, Stain Solver works best as a pre-soaking agent.

Just soak the stripped diapers in a utility sink or 5-gallon bucket.

Your job is to just make up a Stain Solver solution in a bucket and allow the diapers to soak for hours before washing them.

SUCCESS TIPS When Diaper Washing:

  • Use HOT tap water to make the Stain Solver solution in the bucket
  • Stir the Stain Solver into the water for a minute
  • Add the diapers being sure to first remove any solid baby waste
  • Allow diapers to SOAK for up to five hours before putting in washing machine
  • Follow all Use Instructions
2-pound jar of Stain Solver with yellow scoop

Here’s the 2.2-pound size in a stunning clear 32-oz jar.

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