Stain Solver Pro Tip #3

We wanted to share another tip that bubbled to the surface from last-week’s survey.

You may be one that shared having a bit of trouble getting great results with STAIN SOLVER.

It’s All About Dwell Time

Dwell Time – that’s a fancy phrase for the amount of time you soak an item or keeping the surface you want to clean WET with the STAIN SOLVER solution.

The longer you allow the solution to DWELL and work on its own, the LESS work you have to do.

This dwell time can be up to six hours!


  1. Always apply the STAIN SOLVER solution to a dry surface. If the surface is WET, the solution can’t soak into the pores to do deep cleaning.
  2. Make sure the STAIN SOLVER solution doesn’t evaporate. Work in the shade if outdoors.

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Tim and Kathy Carter
Founders –