Expiration Date or Shelf Life for Stain Solver

You may want to know, “how long does it last” or “how long does STAIN SOLVER last?“Does STAIN SOLVER degrade or go bad?”

The expiration date, or shelf life, for STAIN SOLVER, is a moving target.

2-pound jar of stain solver with yellow scoop

Here’s the 2.2-pound size in a stunning clear 32-oz jar.

STAIN SOLVER can have an indefinite shelf life if you keep the product in your freezer and the lid tightly sealed.

Heat and humidity degrade STAIN SOLVER. If you store STAIN SOLVER outdoors in the hot Arizona sun or in a HOT garage, it can degrade in just a few months.


Store STAIN SOLVER in a cool dry location for the longest shelf life. 

Prevent Caking of STAIN SOLVER

Humidity in the container can cause caking. The water vapor in the air can begin to react with the active ingredient in the container.

PRO Non-Caking Tip: If you open a container of STAIN SOLVER and you live in a humid climate, put the open container of Stain Solver in your refrigerator with the lid off. Close the refrigerator door and come back an hour later and put the lid on while the container is still on the refrigerator shelf.

This will ensure dry air is capped inside the container instead of the humid room-temperature air in the rest of your home.

This page is dedicated to Al Pusnik and Cindi Dugger. Al wanted to know about the expiration date of his STAIN SOLVER. Cindi wanted to know about STAIN SOLVER’s shelf life.

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