Flood Clean Up Using Stain Solver

This will be super fast. My very good friends Nick Motz and Mary Beth Wilker went kayaking in the swollen Ohio River in Cincinnati, OH last weekend.

Look at photos they took while kayaking.

The Ohio River got up to 60.5 feet and the murky water filled with bacteria, oil, sewage!!!, etc. invaded all sorts of buildings and basements.

Perhaps your basement has had floodwater in it.

Heavy spring rains are about to happen! You need to be PREPARED to clean up!

Several years ago, there was a horrible flood here in New Hampshire, and friends of mine had their fuel oil tank in their basement.

The entire basement of their home flooded. As the basement filled with water, the tank started to float and it disconnected from the fill line. Oil began to leak from the tank.

When the water was pumped out of the basement, they had nasty oil coating everything.

Guess what? They used Stain Solver to REMOVE the OIL and get rid of all the fuel oil ODOR. Yes, Stain Solver is that powerful.

Here’s something else I’ll bet you didn’t know about Stain Solver.

It’s perfect for flood cleanup because floodwaters often are laden with bacteria, some of it from raw sewage.

If you mix up Stain Solver with hot or warm water, stir until dissolved and then SPRAY it on the surfaces that were flooded, you can kill 99% of the bacteria. All this with NO FUMES.

The secret is to keep the surfaces WET with the Stain Solver solution for at least 30 minutes. Do that and the bacteria gets zapped.

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Tim & Kathy Carter