Certified Organic Hotel Carpet Cleaning Powder

The general manager at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Triadelphia, West Virginia knows how to keep her hotel carpets clean for her guests.

She purchases Stain Solver 45 pounds at a time to get the best price and value.

order confirmation copy for hampton inn hotel

Here’s the last order we received from the Hampton Inn & Suites in Triadelphia, WV. Questions? Wonder if it will work in your motel or hotel? CALL ME Tim Carter.

Stain Solver is:

  • certified organic
  • made in the USA with USA ingredients
  • a pure powder you mix with hot or warm water
  • non-toxic, no odor and SAFE for guests

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Hotel Carpet Cleaning Before and After Photos

filthy hallway carpet on top and same carpet perfectly clean in bottom photo

These photos were sent in by a professional carpet cleaner. Most people would have ripped out the carpeting. Stain Solver SAVED it. Questions about your hotel carpet? CALL ME – Tim Carter CEO

Certified Organic Hotel Floor Cleaning Video

Watch this video to see how the maintenance folks at the Hampton Inn & Suites use it.  For carpet, just mix as you see in the video and put the solution in a hand-pump sprayer.

Pre-treat the carpet before using a traditional carpet shampoo machine for large areas:

stain solver