How Stain Solver Works

Stain Solver cleans your stuff using certified organic tiny invisible scrubbing oxygen bubbles.

These oxygen bubbles attack stains and odors. It blasts them apart and you are left with clean clothes, carpet, siding, decks, or whatever thing you’re cleaning.

Watch this short video to see the bubbles in action!

Video Transcript:

Hi, Tim Carter co-founder of Stain Solver. You may be curious exactly how certified organic Stain Solver gets all of your water washable things clean.

You start an immediate safe and simple chemical reaction when you add Stain Solver powder to warm or hot water. Billions of tiny oxygen bubbles are released. Look at how they fizz and move on their own, in this tea stained mug.

These oxygen bubbles attack stains, mildew, mold and dirt. The longer you allow the bubbles to work on their own, the less work you have to do to clean up any stains.

Stain Solver is certified organic. It’s color and fabric safe and the two ingredients in Stain Solver are both made in the USA.

If you’ve got questions about Stain Solver, go to the FAQ page at, or give us a call. Our phone number is at the bottom of every page of Stain Solver.

Remember Stain Solver is certified organic.


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