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Clean a Bathtub | STAIN SOLVER can clean this tub almost on its own! Look at the AFTER photo below!

How to Clean a Bathtub – Fill with Hot Water, Add STAIN SOLVER & Magic

Debbie shared how STAIN SOLVER cleaned an expensive cast iron bathtub that her builder had ruined during construction. 

She tried for eight years to clean it with no luck. Well, not until she finally decided to use STAIN SOLVER! Read her full story below.


  1. Fill the bathtub with just enough HOT WATER to cover the dirty areas
  2. Add in two cups of STAIN SOLVER and stir with a wood kitchen spoon
  3. Allow the STAIN SOLVER to work on the dirt for an hour
  4. After soaking, scrub lightly, drain the water, and rinse

Here’s Debbie’s actual story:

STAIN SOLVER helped me get the dirt off my tub which the contractors tracked into it when they abused and misused the tub while building our house 8 years ago!! I hadn’t been able to get it clean until I thought about STAIN SOLVER and tried it.  What an awesome job it did!!!

I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter and a user of STAIN SOLVER for a few years. I’m going to try STAIN SOLVER on my front porch cedar railing which has gotten gray over the past 8 years and then seal/stain it. Thanks, Tim!! “

clean bathtub

Can you believe the difference? Eight YEARS of dirt GONE!



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