coffee carafe dark coffee stains

This is looking down in Lorene’s coffee carafe before she started to clean it.

How to Clean a Coffee Carafe – No Scrubbing!

Lorene listened to an Ask the Builder LIVE video stream and discovered how easy it was to clean a coffee carafe.

Here’s what she sent us:

“My coffee carafe really holds stains. Today I washed it with Dawn and took this picture:

coffee carafe soaking in dawn soap

Here’s Lorene’s carafe soaking with Dawn dish soap. It did nothing to clean it.

The deep coffee stains were still there after I rinsed it.

I filled the carafe with very hot water and dumped in one tablespoon of STAIN SOLVER and took this picture. I allowed it to soak overnight. Embedded coffee bits bubbled to the surface and the water turned brown.

coffee carafe filled with stain solver solution

STAIN SOLVER is hard at work inside the carafe so Lorene can go relax!

This morning I dumped out the STAIN SOLVER solution and the inside looked like new.  I rinsed it out several times and did no scrubbing. It’s magic.

clean coffee carafe by stain solver

This is what the carafe looked like after soaking. Remember, NO SCRUBBING!

Everyone needs to know that the addition of the perfect amount of soda ash to this oxygen bleach product makes it’s better than any other oxygen products on the market.

Somehow you need to get a few of the organizer and cleaning YouTubers to do use  a small sample to try!



You can purchase STAIN SOLVER here to clean your coffee carafe.