dishwasher filter in bottom of machine

This is the inside of my dishwasher. The red arrow points to the fine filter most people forget to clean every few weeks.

How to Clean a Dishwasher – Especially the Fine Filter

STAIN SOLVER is perfect to clean the inside of a dishwasher and eliminate bacteria. Bacteria and viruses can grow and multiply in the fine filter most people never remove and inspect. It’s in the deep dark pit of your dishwasher.

Is it SAFE to put the STAIN SOLVER in the Dishwasher with Dishes and Glasses?

Yes, it’s SAFE to use STAIN SOLVER in the dishwasher when it’s loaded with dishes, glasses and silverware. It WILL NOT etch or harm anything.

Every other load of dishes I add one tablespoon of STAIN SOLVER in the bottom of the machine. This treatment helps deep clean all the metal surfaces and the inside and outside of the rotating arms that spray the water that cleans your dishes.

stain solver certified organic logo

Will STAIN SOLVER Clean the Fine Filter?

Yes, this is the most important thing to clean. The fine stainless steel mesh gets clogged with grease.

Bacteria and viruses can thrive in this moist environment where it’s dark and there’s a food supply to sustain them.

This grease buildup on this filter is one of the reasons your clear glasses look foggy after you pull them out of the machine.

tubular dishwasher filter in hand

Here’s the fine filter that protects your dishwasher pump. The fine stainless-steel mesh fills with grease in short order. I soak the filter in a bowl filled with the STAIN SOLVER solution.

How Do you Clean the Fine Filter in the Dishwasher?

I remove the filter, and take it apart if the filter has more than one component. I then fill a bowl so I can soak the filter for four hours.

I add 1/4 cup of STAIN SOLVER for each quart of HOT water in the bowl. After soaking use an old toothbrush to scrub the filter and any other parts.

dishwasher fine filter

My Viking dishwasher fine filter is a two-stage filter. The inner plastic filter capture large pieces of food. You MUST CLEAN THIS FILTER every few weeks or dangerous bacteria will buildup in your machine.