garlic press with smashed garlic clove

This is hardened garlic pulp. STAIN SOLVER will make the press look like new in no time! STAIN SOLVER is certified organic.

How to Clean a Garlic Press – Soak it in STAIN SOLVER for an Hour

I know, you were busy cooking and too tired to clean up after the meal, right?

The next morning the garlic pulp is hard as a rock in your press.

Here’s how easy it is to make your garlic press look like new.


  • Fill a medium measuring cup or bowl with enough HOT WATER to cover the end of the garlic press
  • Dump in two tablespoons of STAIN SOLVER
  • Open the garlic press exposing the dried pulp
  • Place it in the solution so the press end is submerged and allow it to soak a minimum of an hour
  • Remove the press from the solution, scrape out the softened pulp, brush, rinse, and allow to dry

It’s that easy! Peer at the photos of the press as it gets clean:

garlic press soaking in water

This is what your garlic press should look like as it’s soaking. The press head and pulp need to be submerged in the STAIN SOLVER solution.

close up photo of garlic press soaking in water

This is a side view of the garlic press soaking. The magic invisible oxygen ions created by STAIN SOLVER are ATTACKING the hardened pulp.

clean garlic press

Ta Da! The garlic press looks like new! STAIN SOLVER does it again. WATCH the following video to see ALL THE THINGS around your house you can clean using STAIN SOLVER.

What Else will STAIN SOLVER Clean?

STAIN SOLVER cleans ANYTHING that’s water washable. Watch this video for inspiration!

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