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How to Clean Aluminum Gutters – Spray, Wipe & Rinse with STAIN SOLVER

It’s easy to remove the ugly black zebra stripes from aluminum gutters or ANY other gutters. These dark stains are caused by diesel-exhaust soot from trucks in your city. Some gutter stains are caused by organic debris falling on your roof.


  1. Mix one cup (8 oz) of STAIN SOLVER with one gallon of HOT WATER
  2. Stir until dissolved – at least one minute – powder must be fully dissolved
  3. Pour the solution into a hand-pump garden sprayer
  4. Spray gutters working in the shade
  5. Keep gutters wet with the solution for at least 15 minutes – respray as necessary
  6. Wipe with a soapy sponge and rinse with clear water

It’s that easy.

How Do I Keep the Gutters Wet With the STAIN SOLVER?

You need to re-spritz the gutters every five minutes or so. This is easy with a sprayer. Don’t allow the solution to evaporate.

Will the STAIN SOLVER Harm Expensive Landscaping Below the Gutters?

STAIN SOLVER is SAFE to use around all vegetation and expensive landscaping. Chlorine bleach is TOXIC to all vegetation. DO NOT USE chlorine bleach to clean your gutters.

Can I Put the STAIN SOLVER solution in a Pressure Washer?

NO. Do not put the STAIN SOLVER solution in a pressure washer soap tank. The water from the hose will DILUTE the STAIN SOLVER solution and you’ll get inferior results.

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